Chronic Radiation Enteritis

Hi all,
About 18 months ago I was diagnosed with radiation enteritis. I have been on a smooth diet since, because the onduty colorectal surgeon frightened me. I have two stomas (colostomy and an urostomy) and he wanted to put in a third stoma. He wouldn’t listen to me when I told him it was hard managing two stomas. I have since seen two different colorectal consultants but all they do is back up the first one.
I was prescribed to take 3 to 4 Laxido a day. Plus I drink 8 bottles of water.
I am terrified to eat and I have lost weight because I don’t eat much and I am always scared. Plus I lost my mum earlier this year and I cry most of the time.
Does anyone else have chronic radiation enteritis? And how do you cope?
Love and good vibes to you all xxx