Christmas came early.

A HUGE thank you to all who have shared their experience and words of wisdom and comfort over the past 8 months or so.

Yesterday we got the fantastic news that the 6cm stage 3 tumour and lymph involvement I was diagnosed with in June is gone and I am cancer free. It hasn’t completely sunk in yet that the treatment has worked so well.

It makes all the side affects, long term niggles and a lost summer due to treatment 100% more bearable.

Love, hugs and positive thoughts to those of you still on your journey through this. Xx

LOVE posts like this! Amazing news. Have a fab Christmas, you deserve it xxxx

Wonderful news; thank you so much for sharing this wonderful outcome with us.

Have a lovely Christmas.

Very best wishes and big hugs,



Thats brilliant news and so positive to all those who are still going through treatment. Thanks for sharing and giving us that warm fuzzy feeling.


Fabulous news just what's needed on a miserable rainy Friday. Really pleased for you x

WoW :)

I'm a new member after being dianoised on the 26th nov and have my treatment all planned out but I'm stage 1 so your story will give many people like me the boost that's needed to know we can beat this :)

you gave me goosebumps all over reading that!! Good on you and enjoy Christmas it will be your best ever. I won't have had the all clear by Xmas but my op will have been done and I May just get the best new year ever :) 

Oh Happy Christmas Erin!
Comfort and Joy!

Thanks so much for sharing :-)

Erin that's brilliant news, delighted for you!! 

congrats!!!! Xx

So freakin' happy for you hon :) happy happy times!!!

Fantasic news xxx

Oh Erin I'm so pleased for you!!!!!

What wonderful news! Xx