Choice to make

Afternoon All 


I am looking for a bit of advice. My story is that I had glandular cancer of the cervix back in 2015, which was removed with a lletz and a cone biopsy. I am 28 and am currently childless. Since then I have had multiple colposcopy's but they are all coming back 'unclear', so they want to do another Lletz. However after an MRI it's been seen that I don't have much of a cervix left. 

Herein lies the choice that I have now been given. They cannot do anymore (apparently) to check whether I am still cancer free, or if I have cancer or CIN or any other dodgy cells, other than to have a hysterectomy. I want kids, I have always wanted kids, and we were going to try next year. I told my doctor and he has said we can wait, have our kids and then have the hysterectomy, but the danger in doing so is that I could develop cancer again. 

Anyone else had to face a similar choice, or can offer advice? The cancer was removed 2 years ago with clear margins. I feel like I have been given a bit of an impossible choice. 



Don't wait go ahead and try for a baby now, It is nearly next year anyway!


Sorry that you have found yourself in this situation. It is up to you but if you had already planned to have children so soon as next year then maybe just go for it if you can. Obvioulsly it is a hard choice to make, it would be nice if they could reassure you a bit more. I had a trachelectomy, is that an option for you?x