Chest X-ray?


I have been provisionally diagnosed as 1b2 pending EUA and MRI results (MRI is on 15/12) and thought that these were the only procedures the MDT would be using to confirm staging and treatment plan. However today I have received an appointment letter for a chest X-ray on 18/12 and am a bit confused as nobody mentioned this to me at any of my appointments. Is a chest X-ray a routine procedure to have as part of staging or is this unusual? I had my EUA on 4/12 and have still not had feedback as to what they found/saw despite having telephoned 3 times since then to ask about it. Having managed to stay pretty rational and logical since my diagnosis on 25/11 I am now starting to get a bit anxious, probably due to lack of information. My next clinic isn’t until 22/12 so I think that is contributing too.

On a slightly separate note, during my first appointment with the consultant he told me my biopsies showed well differentiated adenosquamous cancer however on his letter he has described it as a known squamous cell carcinoma. Are these two descriptions one and the same? I was tempted to google but thought better of it! Any thoughts on this would be appreciated too.

Thank you!


Hi there. I'm no professional but my understanding is that Usually you have an MRI and CT scan to help with staging. Sometimes you are offered a chest x-Ray instead of a CT scan. So I would say it's routine. When I went to my pre-assessment appointment they talked  chest x-Ray but said I didn't need one as I'd had a recent CT scan. Hope this makes you feel more relaxed.

if you have an adenosquamous cc then it is a combination of both flat cells on the surface of the cervix and glandular cells found within the cervical canal. squamous cc is the most common type and adenocarcinoma is not as common. I originally had a combination but  the squamous cells were removed in my lletz procedure leaving just the glandular ones to be removed by radical hysterectomy.

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Hi Helen, thanks for your reply, it has reassured me about the X-ray, I think I just started to worry because it hadn't even been mentioned in any of my appointments so far.

i thought he had said it was a mixture but then in his letter it didn't mention the 'adeno' bit so I just got confused. I think if I had been able to speak to anyone this week (I have tried but no luck in getting a call back!) I would have felt Less anxious as they could have clarified it for me.

Thanks again for your reply I really appreciate it :)


Hiya :-)

Just to confirm that a chest X-ray is completely standard and nothing to worry about. Can't help with the other question, sorry.

Be lucky :-)

Thanks Tivoli, as always thank you for your reply :)