Hi all


so, i had chemo last mon all day and was doing fine, until around 8.30pm when i had sickness. (Dont think 3 course meal at hospital helped though oops!)

 since then i have had morning chemo tue and wed and no more sickness so very pleased.


saturday was my first day of right symptoms are kicking in. I feel spaced out, like my head is a ten tonne weight and that i cant focus.


still got great family support to look after my kiddies which i am sooo pleased for.


today again woke up with a woozy head and shoulder/arm ache but i am sure i can get through this.


had hair chopped off to a bob my 5 year old says inlook like a mushroom!

Another  update, felt really well last night and this morning so hopefully i am going on the mend now ready for my next session on 2/09/13. Got consultation date for radiotherapy on fri. so so far if this is all the sysmptoms im going to get through chemo i can definatley say its easier than thought. (It is still early to tell i know) 


But fingers crossed

another update


saw my consultant on thursday and he was really pleased with all results so far and i was told i was over the worst for this cycle of chemo which i was so pleased about as it was easier than expected.


also saw consultant for radiotherapy (she was running 2 hours behind :-() booked in for theatre to insert cervical markers on tue. Little nervouse about this as i have never had anaethestic but its another hurdle i am sure i will get through.




Just wanted to say hi and that you’re doing really well :slight_smile:

I’ve not had chemo/radiation but have had general anaesthetic a few times…it’s nothing to worry about. You might feel a bit out of sorts for a couple of days after but they’re very good nowadays at giving you just the right amount so you don’t have too many side affects.

Best of luck with it all, sounds like it’s all going to plan!



I had chemoradiation treatment and luckily suffered very few side effects Wink The examination under anaesthetic (to insert tumour markers and have a good look around!) was very quick, they don't keep you under for very long at all and I had no lasting effects from the anaesthetic at all.

Just ask if there's anything you would like to know about! Kiss



Good luck with your treatment x