Chemotherapy treatment results


I have stage 3b cervical cancer with lymph node involvement. I’m just a couple of weeks away from my final chemo round of Carboplatin, paclitaxel and avastin. Which will be 6 in total.

i haven’t had any radiotherapy yet and my oncologist is considering not giving me radiotherapy but continuing with the avastin and a tiny dose of chemo (the chemo has to be included due to funding requirements in the U.K.) 

One of my lymph nodes was large and too close to my liver for her to feel comfortable doing radiotherapy. 

Has anybody else had this and what were your results after the chemo? 

Mant Thanks.

I haven't heard of anyone having this regime for a stage 3 cancer. There are lots on it in the advanced forum for stage 4 but it's virtually always palliative and I think they should still be looking for curative treatment for you.  I think you may be better asking to join the advanced where there are others with the expertise on it.

I am no oncologist but just going by treatments that others have had I would wonder whether you might be eligible for a targeted radiotherapy such as stereotactic radiotherapy which can hit the spot. Are there surgical options to remove it?

I think in your position I would be seeking a second opinion. That's not to say there is any thing wrong with your oncologist, but sometimes different experiences lead to different expertise. Somebody else may be more confident at tackling that lymph node.

Good luck,