Hi all, just need to let off my worries about starting treatment. In really scared about this, even more so than the RH what I had ...anyhow hope all you ladies have a fab xmas ...leaxx

Hello lbooker - I know you must be worried about the treatment - so many horror stories, sickness,allergic reactions etc, but you might not be like that!!  Everyone is different and what I'd say to you is - don't fear the treatment - fear the disease!  I've said this to so many ladies, try to see treatment as a positive, that you're actively doing something to get rid of it, you're in charge of what happens next.

Have a nice Christmas, and in the New Year - start the treatment with fight in your belly!!

Best wishes



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Thankyou for the reply…I was feeling really crappy, atm its all I


just wanted to say good luck this week with your treatment. Fingers crossed that it isn't as bad as you had feared. Let us know how it goes xxx

much love

Thankyou , feeling a little apprehensive but ok xxx