Chemoradiotheraphy for 2b cervical cancer

Hi everyoneCool

Brief outline, I have had several tests over the last 9 weeks and just be told i have 2b cervical cancer and a large tumor (benign) near my ovaries. They wish to start an intense course of chemoradiotherapy over a 4 / 5week period. I had a lettz and they have removed as much as possible and want to treat the rest of the cancer. I am not worried and just passing each hurdle as it comes. I am a strong believer the more information or understanding of something it is not as scarey as you think. 

I am aware each case is so different to another, however has anyone here got any good advice they have been given or worked out to make the chemoradiotherapy after care, diet etc as comfortable as possible.

Hugs to everyone and look forward to your reply xxx cathi xxx

Hi cathi

im sorry to hear about your diagnosis but so very happy happy you have found us. 

I'm just about a year post treatment and I am doing quite well. I can complain about a few smaller things but overall I feel quite normal or the same as I did before. 

Im not sure if you are asking about diet and care after the treatment finished or during treatment to help aid getting through it but can say that this treatment is doable and other then some diarrhea and some tiredness it's not as bad as you might think. 

I am sure you have been reading through many posts or doing searches through the search bar on Jo's to get even older post about treatment and after care.

try to continue to stay positive and remember you are not alone in this. We are all here to support you. 


thank you for your kind words, yes i have been reading medical journals and on this site, as the more info i have the more positive i can be


i will keep in touch and ty x

Rest when  u can n let people  help u I finished  chemo rads n brachy  in March  im getting  stronger  each  day  big hugs xxx

Hiya...  I have just finished a course of 5 weeks of radiotherapy and chemotherapy and 3 bracherphery sessions...  It's heavy going but you just find the strength to carry on..i had the side effects of diorreah and the extensive tiredness a tiredness that you can't explain so when you are tired sleep, I struggled with my bowels but immodian helped so much and now I have finished they are getting better .  I'm now waiting to see if it's worked...  I'm staying positive and taking time to look after myself and rest as much as I can..

Good luck with your treatment....