just a quickie update, First week of chemoradiation done, Im feeling so exhausted after the radiotherapy though,  didnt think I would.
My appitite is up and down also I just have to act fast when my appitite is up to it so I can eat! still having the anti sickness meds and dont dare to stop them incase its them  thats keeping the sickness at bay..!

hope everyone elses treatment is going ok, anyone else had chemoradiation? how are you doing?

Hiya! :-)

Good to see you around! Yes, it is exhausting isn't it! I remember when my chemo oncologist asked if I needed more anti-puke pills and when I said no, I asked her if I could try taking none at all. The answer was a very decisive NO! My chemorads were three years ago now and I'm as fit as a magic toad :-)

Hope the rest of it goes smoothly for you. Take it easy.

Be lucky


ahh thanks, I will stick with the anti pukes then! I cant imagine they dish them out for nothing ha! funny how it makes you feel. up and down days, and moments of oh god why is this happening, but must soldier on and just hope one day this is all just a distant memory.

When I was given my 6 week chemoradiation timetable, I loved ticking them off each day.  I loved finishing each week, a quarter way through, half way through etc etc

Well done you for a week done.

Dish them out for nothing???? Heavens no! Because I was being treated in a Greek public hospital, but am not part of the Greek healthcare system I was charged for everything at cost (a very different thing from going private!) So, in case it is of interest, my pre-chemo blood test came to about 20€, the chemo itself was 80€ and a pack of three Emend was about 48€ So that's 16€ per pill!

And one day you will look back on it and say, "Yeah, I did chemo, nothing to it really" :-)

Yes, I used to count the weeks off too. I would send my mum an email each Friday entitled; 20% fried, 40% fried etc. 

Be lucky


I have just finished my 5chemos/28radio/3 brachy and i suffered with bad nausea but i would wait for it to kick in before taking meds. A lady a met who was having the same treatment as me said take them regularly and it really helped xx

I'm not surprised you suffered from bad nausea Tara if you waited for it to kick in before taking the pills! Blimey! Didn't anyone tell you to take them before?

Be lucky


Nope, I was told to take them when i felt unwell or when it was needed rather than three times a day before meals (which is what I started to do). Before diagnoses I wouldn’t even take a tablet for anything so I felt fine not taking them everyday, but now I know better; if they give them to you then take then regardless, if they offer anything always say yes!xx

Sounds like you had different pills to me. I had Emend which was three pills in a packet. You take one in the morning before chemo, one the next morning and one the third morning, and that's it. But like you, I am not a pill-taker by choice.