chemoradiation after surgery???

Have had radical hysterectomy 3 weeks ago - surgeon feels this has been very successful and am staged at a 1b1/1b2, however oncologist feels to er on side of caution i should now also have chemoradiation?   very confused and dont know what to decide!! Anyone been in this situation?

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i've only had meeting with the surgeon so far who wanted me to avoid further treatment due to the side effects as im only 27 with two young children (3 yrs and 4 months). i've asked for meeting with oncologist also now to see if i can get more info to weigh up all my pro's and cons! just really hard to know what to do for the best!

well done for making your decision!x

I was lucky enough to meet with oncologist straight after getting results from surgeon so I could get both their opinions. They were very much in the mind that they don't like to do treatment unless it is absolutely necessary. There's no guarantee that even if there are any cancer cells left behind that the radiation will get them and it never come back. And they were big on the side effects which can last a life time in some cases so didn't think the pros outweighed the dons which was good to know. I had to think about it for a few days and read up on bits and pieces before making my mind up but once I read round I knew I would say no to further treatment. Will I regret my decision if it comes back? No, I don't think so cos at least I know that if it does come back I can have the radiotherapy there which I wouldn't be able to if I had it now. 

im focusing on getting back to my life now, rather than waiting on 6 wks of radiotherapy. Much more appealing!! I'm trying to eat healthier, cut down on eating meat, drinking much more water, lots more fibre, buying organic where I can, trying out Quorn bits and pieces and taking green tea and omega 3 tablets. Can't give up the refined sugar foods very well though... But definite moves to improve diet, mental well being and taking a daily walks.

hope u get some clear answers xxx

aw thank you! you have been so helpful as hard to find people in the same situation. can you reccommend anything that i should read up on? meeting oncologist next wed so she should have some facts and figures for me! but i think i have my mind made up already that i dont want the side effects - have had enough after surgery to be honest! x

I was given a Macmillan booklet and a photocopied doc by the hospital to read through that described the side effects in detail. I was actually quite shocked!! So read around a few past posts on old forum on here and made my decision. Also, my hubbie was very anti treatment after talking to the oncologist. So see what they say. I had gone into meeting with her thinking fine, just do it but afterwards totally changing my mind.


ok thanks, will see how it goes next wed - fingers crossed i can make my mind up!x



So I had a radical hysterectomy and was also offered 28 Radiotherapy, and 5 chemo, my cancer was removed in my surgery and although the margins were clear some where bigger than other 12cm, 12cm, a 5cm and a 6cm.  Two of the 28 lymph nodes that were removed showed microscopic involvement, all others removed were clear, so as you can imagine I was left with a choice to make.  I decided for my kids and for me that I would have the extra treatement, I had the radiotherapy which to start with felt fine, but over the weeks got tough, it made me feel very sick, I got piles, the runs one min and constipated the next, I was tired and have suffered endless water infections, as the radiotherapy effects the whole pelvis area.  The chemo was very tough and unfortunately that was stopped on week two due to a 1/2000 side effect I had, seems I am severely allergic to a chemical in the chemo mix, I was hospitilised for a week and got blood poisoning.  But I am now 4 days now free of treatment and although a little tired I feel great, for me I made the right choice and my oncologist and cancer nurse both agree this too.  I asked my oncolgist about recurrence and he said that I have no more a bigger risk than anyone else.  This is the first time I have been on here for a while as I needed to make the choice myself, it was hard but I have done it x

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nice to see you back and congrats on finishing your treatment


hi emma, thats brilliant you have it all over you now! to be honest its the side effects of the radio thats putting me off and being away from the kids for the treatment! do you still have any?x

i also wondered what stage you had?x



I was stage 1b initially but due to micro involvement it was upgraded to a 2a. The only symptom I have now 1 week after treatment is piles, which are painful.  The tiredness has gone, so has the sickness and the radiation burn is virtually gone, it has scabbed over.  The treatment flys by 5 weeks past by very quickly.  Don't be afraid of the side effects the radiologists are brilliant, if you have anything from as small as tiredness to burns they will give you medication that day.  They constantly check you are okay.  If you want to know anything just ask, no matter what it is x

Love Emma x