Chemorad after hysterectomy - anyone say no?

Ok, so results from hysterectomy are in and they are advising I have chemo/rad follow up to lessen chance of recurrence as I have a higher risk apparently due to type of cells? I’m 1B adenocarcinoma,

I’m meeting with the team this week but was doing some research and it looks like some people have declined this I’m the past (searches were coming up with old forum results) so I’m wondering if anyone more recently has declined this treatment on basis of keeping it in the bank for recurrence?


I recently had a radical hysterectomy and after was told i had to do chemo and radiation. I didn't have a choice. I am almost done have did 3 of the 5 weeks. I was upset when told all this cause i thought the radical hysterectomy would be it. I had to do the extra treatment due to a parametrial involvement. I just trist my doctor amd did what he said cause i have full faith in him and in god. Hope u can make a decision.  Sorry if this is no hope.:-)


I was diagnosed with 1B1 Adenocarcinoma 2013 and had a radical hysterectomy , my gynea consultant refered me on to oncology for chemo / radiotherapy however when I saw the oncologist he said I did not meet the criteria for the treatment , fast forward 18 months and the cancer came back , recurrent cevical cancer .  Therefore needed The chemo & radio. 

I do always wonder if I had the treatment the first time round would the cancer of come back ??? But who knows .  

i would say if your team have advised you to have the treatment now , I would go with there advice to lesson any chance of recurrence .  



Hi Yes, I declined chemo rads after my hysterectomy. I was also 1b1, adeno. My only considered higher risk factor was that I had a close margin on one side of the tumour, close to the bladder. I talked it through with the consultant and felt that I would rather save it, in case I did have a recurrence. I was offered, and did, 3 courses of brachytherapy instead. I felt this was a better option for me, as they said I would have few if any side effects from this, but I could still have full radiotherapy later if needed. I have had no side effects, although I recently tried to have an op to sort out my leaky bladder, and this had to be adandoned as apparently I'm completely stuck together inside! This is from the brachytherapy, but it doesn't cause me any issues and I wouldn't have known about it if I hadn't tried to have the op. It's such a tough decision to make, when I made it I promised myself there would be no regrets, and no looking back. Listen to your consultant and listen to your heart. I'm now over 4 years clear, so thankfully it seems to have worked for me. Good luck Ali x

Thank you everyone for getting back to me, I guess I will make decision after talking to the new team this week but Ali that's really good to know. I guess I'm worried if it comes back and I've not a lot left in the tank, but I suppose I'll need some more info on my personal situation too. Slightly confused whether it's margins or because it's an intestinal type that makes them concerned. Spending hours reading as much as I can but its always better to hear real people's experience. 

Im sorry for your recurrence Greeni it's really impossible to ever know and hard to not look back too. I'm the same as I first chose fertility sparing surgery so I'm now six months down the line and having had two surgeries am now facing chemo/rad. I do wonder what would have happened if I'd just gone for the rad hysterectomy earlier. 

Mmmouse123 I've been reading your chemo/rad experience and well done for being more than halfway through. I can totally empathise with how rubbish it is when they hit you with more bad news after such a big op, I'm still in recovery and it sometimes feels a waste now. 

and Ali77 that really is what I was hoping to hear, I know we're all different but it's good to hear a positive outcome from a measured decision regards to your own personal circumstances, makes me hopeful. 

You guys rock!