Chemo reaction rash

Hi ladies
Did any if you get this lovely reaction to cisplatin? Woke up this morning to a slight rash on my chest,by the time my chemo and rads were done today I look like a giant dot to dot! Its not sore or itchy or hot or anything,and neither side if treatment seem worried by it. It just looks so frightening,and a little bit funny if I am honest,as it stops in a straight line at my chin.
Tracey x

Hi, yes I got a rash on my 3rd or 4th treatment. It happened during my chemo and I was given anti histamines x 

Hi Philleepa

i asked if i should take anti histamines and they basically just said if I wanted to! 

I got little red spots on my chest too but only a mild rash. my cheeks would also look flushed a day or so after chemo. 

I was told it was a side effect and nothing to worry about it but if you're worried or its gets worse I'd ring the hotline number of the hospital that's treating you just for peace of mind more than anything else 

Hope you're doing ok xx 

Hi Tracey 

oh no!!! I hope you will not have this long, do mention it to your team. It would be awful to walk around with spots for 5 weeks. I hope it disappears. 


I got checked over by the nurse today in rads and she said its the best reaction rash she had seen for a while haha! She checked my temp snd blood pressure etc and all is good,so just to bash on with piriton. next week she will make sure that I get given It before chemo starts. 

she was surprised that chemo team hadnt given me any yesterday,think they might be getting a butt kicking from her...oops xx

Hope the piriton helps. 

I think when we are going through treatment  (and months afterwards ) we panic if we so much as sneeze - well I do lol x 

I hope so, I keep looking like a wee alien lol. I have to brave the public after hospital tomorrow to go food shopping and I would prefer not to have go in disguise. how are you doing  Philleepa? Xxx

I think my second week in I got the rash. Looking like someone took a pen and made dots all over me.

Its so attractive eh? My dots on my neck have joined up so I am just red now.....nice haha!x

It's good to laugh! :-)

You have to do your best to keep laughing and smiling through this dont you? No point sitting in the corner and rocking x

Absolutely! Not everyone gets the opportunity to make jokes about cancer treatment! Count yourself lucky :-)