Chemo/rads starting 12th feb help & advice please......



Hi all Hope you lovely ladies are all doing ok? Some of you know my radical hysterectomy was cancelled day before I was meant to have it due to slight spread into my left pelvic wall...I have now had an EUA which showed exactly that...& a PET/CT scan which thankfully showed no other spread to other organs etc....slight spread into some local lymph nodes but apparently in the target area for the rads etc...I have had my planning scan & tattoos :-) too. It's all due to start on the 12th with final checks on radiotherapy machine & chemo pre assessment,then i have chemo & radiotherapy on 13th (cisplatin) also got brachytherapy x3 at the end of the 5 weeks.Just wanted if anyone had any hints advice experiences do's & don'ts etc??? I have manuka honey at the mo each day but seen somewhere not good with some chemo?? Does anyone know anything about this too?? Any answers would be appreciated!!! Sorry to be a pain!! Lots off love xxxxxx

Hi Monkey Sorry no advise but I am really interested in the response as I think I'll be about a week behind you! Got my planning on weds. Have had some lymph nodes taken this week to check spread :/ Would be great to have someone going through the exact same treatment plan to chat to/moan with (lol) etc. I am just really wanting to get going as all the waiting around is driving me mad. I've been aware that it was something (poss cc) since November but have had to wait for cone, then scans then a few other curved balls but it does all seem sorted now. Good luck Kelly xx

Hi Ladies,

Monkey, I replied to your post on Macmillan but only to direct you back to a similar post I made in October last year on this forum.  If you look for all my posts you will find it and it centres around steps you can take to protect your skin, bowel and bladder.  I got some really excellent advice which I followed but as it was very detailed its probably easier to read the responses yourselves.  Everyone is different obviously but I came through chemo/rad relatively unscathed and have just had my first checkup (but not results unfortunately).  Just want to wish you both lots and lots of luck with the treatment and feel free to message me if you want more specific info about anything you experience.

Best Wishes


Hi Andrea thank you so much I have looked at those threads, a great help thank you :slight_smile: glad to hear you came through the treatments quite well,seems like everyone responds differently,great to get some tips though :slight_smile: I wish you loads of luck with your results & would love to hear hoe you’re getting on! Lone again thank you so much xx karen


Hiya Kelly hope you're ok...would be great to stay in touch & see how we are both getting on..we seem to be at a similar stage...please look at Andreas previous posts they're some great replies on there from ladies with good advice & tips!! :-) you're right it's the waiting tests scans etc that's the worse thing!! I was originally booked for a radical hysterectomy 17 jan was cancelled on 16 jan due to my 1b suddenly becoming a 2b as the little swine had spread slightly into my left pelvic wall :-(SOS my treatment plan was completely changed !! Good luck Hun & keep in touch xx how old is your daughter? Mines 5 I'm 44 so similar age too!! Xxxxx

Hi Karen

Mines 5 too !! Just started reception in sept!
I will def have a read of Andreas posts for info and tips.
Will def keep in touch, where are you based? I’m in north London under UCH.
Have you told your daughter anything? I wasn’t going to but have been to so many appointments and had a few overnight stays in hospital have now told her that mummy has a poorly tummy and the doctors are going to fix it, I think I will have a chat with her teacher in the next couple of weeks as well.
It all so tricky eh!
Love Kelly x

I have told Lilliah I have a poorly tummy too…she’s so switched on though think she knows more :frowning: she’s 6 in march so getting giddy about her party etc distracting her a bit!!! :slight_smile: we spoke to school in case any probs there they were really good & said they would keep an eye on her. I’m based at Jimmys in Leeds. Keep in touch Hun. Thinking of you. Love Karen xxxxx

Hi Karen.
Lilliah what a pretty name!! Mines called Daisy. She’s not 6 til October but again very switched on.! Have you got help for during and after treatment. I’m hoping to schedule the treatments around school times, but have got a almost 2 hour round trip to the hospital so not sure if that will be possible. My mum is great and has offered to help as much as poss as have some friends and my sis in laws too, hoping I can juggle it all really :0/ got my planning tomo so hoping to know more then.
Take care
Kelly x

Aw Daisy is a cute name too!! Hubby managed to swap his shifts at work for first few sessions & have lots of offers of help from friends & family which I know I will need to call in!! Hope your scan goes ok. Let me know. Thinking of you karen x

Hey honey
Well had all my planning done today. All seemed ok, just a bit disappointed that they can’t start until 25 th feb now… This means it will drag on over Easter and almost to my birthday. It just seems that there’s more and more waiting. I worked out today that from being told I had cancer on 18 th dec to starting it will be almost 10 weeks!! I got a bit upset and had lots of tears. Also didn’t ask any questions that I wanted, including about when they will do the brachytherapy. Will have to give them a call.
Well I’ve got 2 weeks now to enjoy and sort out everything. Hope you are ok and getting sorted for next week.
Take care love Kelly xx

Oh no it’s the waiting isn’t it!!! I had 2 weeks before treatment starts too…final checks & chemo pre assessment tues then kick off weds!! I hope you can relax a bit & get sorted…I found got chance to get my head a round it etc. it went quick too to be honest so hopefully will for you too! Keep smiling Hun thinking of you xxx keep me updated x