Chemo/ radiotherapy

Just wondered if anyone has refused the chemo and just had the radiotherapy to get rid of there cervical cancer

Hi Leanne,

I was told that the chemo plays a very important part in weakening the cells so that the radiotherapy works much better in killing of the cancer cells. Therefore, it is the full package that gives the best chance of cure. 

Thank-you I just don't like the side effects 

Sorry you're having a rough ride Leanne :-( Do try to stick with it, it really works! :-)

Be lucky :-)


Hi Leanne, 


im sorry to hear your having a difficult time too. What side effects are you struggling with ? you have to give yourself the best chance possible of getting rid of your cancer and as the others have said the treatment works !! 

I'm in my 5th week of treatment. Even had my first Brachytherepy yesterday and it actually wasn't bad at all. A little uncomfortable but not painful. I had an Mri scan on monday and my consultant told me yesterday that no cancer was seen on the scan result now, my tumor has completely shrunk and my effected lymph node has shrunk back to the normal size ! And my treatment is not quite finished yet, so please stick with it, you can do it !! 

Claire, that is the most amazing news.


I went through every possible side effect that the chemo could give you, lost my hair but it's grown back, horrific pins and needles which has now gone, sickness that almost killed me it was that bad I went to skin and bone i went smaller that a size 4 I've now put on 2 stone and I am a size 6, horrible taste in my mouth, painful blisters to the point I couldn't brush my teeth, back ache, weak bladder, water infections, you name it I've had it and yes it almost broke me but do you know what I got through it, I got over it. I'm still suffering with the ringing in my ears and deafness but I'm back at work and I'm going Liverpool tomorrow for the day....if you asked me when I was going through treatment I would of laughed at you.

if you value your life and want to beat this then you need to stop worrying that you may lose your hair, you may miss nights out with your friends because your so incredible exhausted etc.....the chemo beats you to within an inch of your being but it works! Cancer doesn't care about you the hospital does and they know what works.

my diagnosis would be terminal and who knows if I would of been still sat here if I refused chemo....I'm glad I had it not at the time obviously but that saved my life along with radio.

i look back now and it scares me how much I went through but im here to tell the tail......

sorry if I sound angry but I don't understand why you would consider refusing the chemo because of a few side effects

I'm glad your better I will take everything I'm offers me I have my life and all my 4 children and grandson xx and my lovely wonderful husband I am going to beet this defo 

Good I'm sorry I sounded so harsh I was just shocked that's all x

Thanks Philleepa!!! It's given me such a boost!!! Xxxx

I think take what they throw at you, they know best!