Chemo/radiotherapy sickness

I’m new here I was diagnosed with 1b1 CC in November I had radical hysterectomy & 22 lymphnodes removed 11/12. They found cancer in 2 of my lymph nodes so to be safe I’ve having 5 weeks of radiotherapy & cisplatin chemo every Tuesday’s. So far I’m on week 1 & feel dreadful so so nauseous. It was very likely as I suffered sooooo badly in my pregnancy ESP my last which lasted till the end. Basically will it wear off as the week goes on or is this it now till my treatments over & if so how long does it stick around for. My treatment is a 2.5 hour round trip so I’m staying away a little feeling v miserable & miss my kids terribly. I’ve been so positive but feel so :frowning: now xxxx

I'm so sorry that I can't tell you about when the sickness wears off but make sure you are taking your meds and if they don't work ask to try another. I'm sure they'll find one to suit you. 

Hopefully the next few weeks will pass as quickly as possible.

I just wanted to give you a hug x

Hi Chrissie ;-)

I am so sorry to hear that the treatment is making you feel so unwell, most of us get off pretty lightly with Cisplatin. Can you ask for additional anti-nausea pills? Which ones have you got? Most people here have found that they feel better on Emend than on any other medication so if you aren't on that one, perhaps you could ask for it?

Be lucky :-)

Hi Chrissie,

My profile is very similar to yours. Diagnosed Sept 14 with 1b1 with lymph involvement. Had RH in Oct followed by chemo radiation. Removed 19 or 20 lymph nodes of which 5 were positive. The chemo radiation was the same regime as others have though. I was quite sick, and it was quite hard for them to get on top of it, but they did realise later that I had had too high a dose of chemo which explained things in my case. One of the last anti emetics they prescribed was haloperidol, a drug usually prescribed in schizophrenia!! But it is obviously used as an anti emetic as well at low doses. That did help more than the other drugs and helped me to sleep. My limited understanding of anti emetics is that they work in different ways, so your team may well try different ones until they find something which helps. I do hope things improve for you. Ginger in anything can really help as can small but often snacks. In the end you just eat what you can and what you feel like.

 All the very best xx


i suffered terribly from nausea & sickness during my treatment from week one , I tried various anti emetics which didn't really help, eventually on week three I was referred to the palliative care consultant purely for symptom control as my consultant didn't know what ellse to do , palliative care prescribed haloperidol and Cyclizine going through a syringe driver which really helped , my neausea lasted for another 4 weeks or so after my treatment finished but every one is different hopefully you'll get sorted and feeling better soon ,  please keep telling them if your struggling with nausea / sickness don't try to persevere with it there's lots of different meds that can help.  I know it's hard when you feel so poorly but you will get through this .

take care xx 

Hey hon I also suffered terribly with sickness and also ended up on a syringe driver. The two best drugs I had were cyclozine and also Lorazopam.  They don't traditionally use lorazopam for sickness as it's used to destress people but it's also an anti-sickness and I found it a god send. 

My advice is to make a fuss until they find a drug combination that works for you. Good luck!


I was so bad on sickness and I'm sorry tell you that as the treatment goes on it gets worse as it builds up in your system and you don't get use to it. I was hospitalised a number of times due to sickness and not being able to eat. my sickness only ended in November my chemo finihed in July....

i was at breaking point as I couldn't keep food down the anti sickness I had after chemo did nothing! I was given all sorts, I even had injections which were the only things that stopped the sickness. I was given some tablets that stopped you feeling sick, I can't remember what they're called and they worked. Nip it in the bud now as you don't want to get to the stage I was xx