Chemo Planning


I hope you are all well?

I have my chemo planning appointment on Wednesday morning, can anyone shed any light on what this entails ?

I had my radio planning last Wednesday.

Thanks in advance

Laura xx

Hi Laura,

From my memory, the chemo appointment was to show you around the chemo suite, introduce you to the nurses, weigh you and possibly another blood test but I'm not sure on was over a year ago now. Anyway, it's a straightforward meeting. They may sort out dates with you if you don't already have them.

All the best for today

Thank you, all went well today had a little look round and some swabs for MRSA, they gave me usefull information about diet and what not.


Also i get to take part in a make up and confdence workshop with make up artists and i get freebies!! Really looking forward to that.