Chemo meeting

Hi all,

I have my meeting about chemo today at the hospital,  prior to starting my treatment next week.

Can anyone tell me what to expect?  I like to be prepared! 

Thanks x

Hi Sweet pea,

Not at all sure as things are rather different here but they might take a wee blood sample and they'll probably tell you all about the routine and maybe diet you'll be expected to follow.

Be lucky :-)

Thank you! 

Hi Sweet Pea,

I didnt get this  but would go with Tivoli. Nothing to worry about at all just lots to take in.

Good Luck xxxx

I had two of these for two different types of chemo, all side effects are explained to you in full, you sign off and give consent that you are aware of them. Dos and don't for your diet,  alcohol etc. Also the procedure of how it's done, how long it will take, checking your temperature, keeping yourself away from sick people, signs of infection. I was given a book with a green amber red set of symptoms and when I should be getting myself to a hospital. 


It's very daunting and a lot to take in, my chemo nurses were amazing, lovely hot water to lift the vains up was like a wee spa at 8 am lol. Canula in and off you go lots of preperation for the cisplatin/carboplatin to stop allergic reaction but in all the one dose I had took about 3 and a half hours. 


Take care.

Charlene xx

Hi Sweet Pea,

How did your Chemo meeting go today ?.

Hopefully you are now feeling a bit more at ease about the whole thing, it's the unknown that adds to the anxiety about it all.

Stay strong & positive,

Feisty xx