Chemo has been stopped : (

Hi guys sorry to bother you all with another post. I suffered a set back yesterday i completed my 4th out of 6 chemos only to have an allergic reaction to the cisplatin, I had a similar experience the previous week and they thought I had an infection. The nurses spoke to my consultant and he has stopped any further chemo, so I now think that my treatment won't work and am panicking : (

I have an appointment to see my consultant on Monday but am now terrified he is going to say its not working. Has anyone else had the chemo stopped, I think at least I had 4 sessions so I had broken the back of the chemo.


Thanks in advance for any replies?

Hi Laurann…
I had my treatment at the Christie hospital in Manchester, there they only offer you 4 sessions of chemo…I dont know what stage you are at so I can’t comment any further, but I am sure your consultant knows what he’s doing…
sending you big hugs xxx

Hi Monkey,

Thanks for your reply, I have not been told what stage I am, however here is what I do know it is just confined to my cervix and was considered to big for a radical hysterectomy. I never thought to ask what stage and they have never gave me that information. I am having 28 sessions of radiotherapy followed by brachy.


I am guessing that my consultant will fill in what happens next on monday the nurse did say to me yesterday that I have done the bulk of them so it may well be enough.


Laura xx

Hi Laura, my partner had her chemo stopped after 3 of 6 as it was impacting her hearing.  The consultant who was treating her said that chemo was the icing on the cake and that the radio was the curative treatment.  He also advised that in 5 separate trials in America, the average patient received 3 doses therefore you've had more than the average so well done! FYI the 6th trial in Canada showed that there was no benefit in having cisplatin although their radio treatment was apparently more strict i.e. completing the 28 raditreatments in a least amount of days i.e. 5 days on 2 days.

So in summary, you've had enough cisplatin whether you are Canadian, American or British! 

sorry the end didn't make sense.

It should say 28 radio treatments in the least amount of time I.e. 5 days 2 off regardless of Xmas, Easter or any other bank holidays.