Chemo - Cisplatin & 5FU

Hi All, 

This is my first time posting! 

I'm due to start my treatment in a couple of weeks and just wondered if anyone else had had both Cisplatin & 5FU.  I will be having cisplatin once a week, however will then have a pump with 5FU running 24/7 during the week.  I guess I'm curious on other peoples experience of this, although I'm aware of how different everyones can be!  How is the general day to day living with the pump?  

Thanks in advance

Sarah xx 


Hi Sarah,

I didn't want to read and run. I have to say that I never even heard of 5FU before rerading your post so I'm not in a position to help you with that. I just wanted to wish you well in your treatment and to send you a big hug.


Be lucky :-)

Hi Tivoli, 

Thanks for your reply and hugs, sometimes they are well needed :-) 

I did wonder whether many other people had also had 5FU as I've not seen any mention of it on here before!! 

Take care of yourself 

Sarah xx


Same as above, I've no experience of this, hoping my surgery will be all I need, but wishing you luck with your treatment xx