Chemo before surgery

Hey all! First post…

I was diagnosed last month with stage 1b3, but the physical exam from the surgeon didn’t agree with the mri, so had a further examination under anaesthetic today to work out exactly what’s what. (The surgeon thought the cancer was confined to the cervix, the mri indicated it involved the vaginal wall).

I briefly spoke with the surgeon after the procedure and he said that there was a very small area of involvement in the vaginal wall, and his plan is to shrink the cancer via chemo and then do surgery. I assume this will get discussed at the mdt.

I can’t find a huge amount of info about this kind of treatment plan, has anyone gone this route?


Only you and your team can decide the best treatment plan and i suspect things might change at MDT. The way i see it as a bystander is that if its in the vagina then it can no longer be classified as a stage 1 cancer as its now locally advanced and therefore a stage 2. I woukd ask them if this is the case. The treatment for stage 2 is typically chemorads not surgery as this has better outcomes. In your position i wouid ask them to discuss the risks and benefits of both options. Good luck and be firm about what YOU want.

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Thanks for your reply, it was really helpful. As you suspected, the MDT has said the chemo rads is the recommended treatment for my stage. Waiting on an appointment for a PET scan to start it all off.

Aww, i am glad that you are getting what i think is the correct protocol for your stage and likely to get good outcomes. I hope it all kicks off quickly. Good luck!

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