Chemo and radiotherapy

Hi i am stage 3 cervical cancer, i had a radical hysterectomy before j found out 2 lynths one on eacb side tested positive for cancer cells. I have now ginished week 1 out of 5 for everyday radiotherapy and one day a week chemotherapy. Any other ladies in the same boat as me and or have any tips for treatment . After 5 weeks what gappens do i have a MRI or do they wait . Thanks for reading xx

Hi Alice

Just noticed you hadn’t had any replies yet so thought I’d drop by.

I had similar treatment back in 2017. My post op histology showed I was node negative stage 2A. However on the basis of LVSI, PNI and a close margin I went on to have chemo-radiotherapy.

We’re all different in how we cope with treatment and what helps us through. In my experience the level of medical support was very good and the nurses, doctors, dietitians etc were there for me throughout. I particularly struggled with fatigue, a lot of diarrhoea and loss of appetite during my chemo-radio to the point I became underweight - enter lovely dietitian asking me what flavour nutritional drink I would like. I coped with the fatigue by listening to my body and resting where possible although I initially underestimated how the treatment would impact me - I learnt it’s important to be kind to ourselves. Maxing out on Loperamide helped a lot with the diarrhoea.

The radiotherapy can irritate or burn the skin and I was advised to apply moisturiser every day. I was given a list of suitable moisturisers; chose Aveeno and didn’t have any skin issues at all.

One advantage of having had a radical hysterectomy is the brachytherapy only needs to be fairly minor. I had just 2 sessions of about 15 minutes each in outpatients.

My oncologist advised I would need to use dilators starting a month after treatment to prevent vaginal adhesions forming. It was just as well I was aware as I had to remind the nurse during my discharge appointment. It was quickly arranged for someone to give me some dilators and talk me through the procedure.

I had routine MRIs about 10 weeks and 10 months after completion of my treatment.

Hope all goes well for you.


Hi Alice !! im a ned stage 3c1 i was in the same boat 2 years ago.

Ive got some type of sunburns whe i was having the radiotherapy, my doctor told mw tu apply an special body cream 2 times per day. There are some comercial brands that have creams for radiotherapy so you skin is nourished and you dont get that itchy discomfort.

I completely change my diet to no dairy products. I had diarrea everyday between 2 to 5 per day. Of course , everybody is different but i suggest you get some advices from your nutritionist.

If you have any more doubts let me know :blush:


Thankyou both for your replys . I am week 2 down and i am fine bit tired and feel a bit icky after chemo the next day . Have 2 children to keep me occupied. Not sure if i am having brachytherpy as he wanted to speak to someone first . Im not sure if i am happy with that one it doesnt sound very nice . :confused:. Thankyou voth for advice i have been caking myself in cream everyday . X

Hey @Alice410

I have read in the group that some girls have been in the same situation. If you cant get the brachytherapy, you will receive some extra boost of radiotherapy.

This might happen because the tumors location, is very difficult to reach it or its size after the session of radiotherapy.

For sure , doctors will take the best decision for you.

Hugs :heartbeat:

I am hopeful for the extra boosts . I have had the tumour removed and a vaginal cuff there were posative lynth nodes oneon each side . Thankyou for relpying i have conustant next thursday so fingers crossed . Xx

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Just a quick question - I’m going to have chemotherapy 1 day with intervals of 3 weeks - does my immune system going down and stay down until treatment is finished (which is 18 weeks long) or does it only go down every time I have chemotherapy and then come back up till the next chemo session? Any advice really - was wondering if I could go back to the office in between?!

Hi @Caz-22

I found too difficult to work during that time , specially for the radiotherapy , it makes you feel so tired , your energy levels are down .
I used to sleep a lot and i couldnt work ,despite im teleworking.
Before every chemotherapy session they should do a blood test but my leves were always low.

I think it depends on your situation. If you feel ok, go ahead.

Hugs and good luck in your therapy :heartbeat:

Okay that’s helpful thanks - did you have to have shots in your tummy for 5 days after every chemo session?

Hi there!

When I was going through chemo my WBC count dropped each week. On the last week it was really low but they pushed through the last session anyway. This caused me to have literally no immunity so I had to take a week break from radiation. I finally finished treatment and had my follow up scans recently and all is well, so far. However my white blood cell count is still down. They’re monitoring it and said that it may be my new normal. I had Covid and got through that, and I overall well fine. I think it just takes a toll on our body and it takes a bit to get back to normal. I get blood work every 3 months to monitor, and I’m sure you’ll get the same!

Good luck with treatment :two_hearts:

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hi, i have neo adjuvant chemotherapy every 3 weeks, i feel down just first week after chemo next two i feel good. You will lose your hair.

What did you have your chemo for? Mine was endometrial cancer- I had a radical hysterectomy and need chemo — was told I would lose my hair x

I have cervical cancer spread to limph nodes , also wait for biopsy answer for my left parotid gland

Have you had a hysterectomy then? They took my nodes away but were clear - histology just takes so long!!

No I havent , my tumour to big for surgery and stage to high

Hi @Caz-22

The treatment for endometrial and cervical cancer is quite different, and a hysterectomy is only done for low stage cervical cancer, not where there is lymphnode involvement, which is established for cervical cancer as part of the staging process.

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Oh that’s disappointing for you - fingers crossed you get sorted soon xx