Chemo and radiation treatment - done!

I'm happy to report that my treatment is done!  Today was my last day of internal radiation.  My doc says that my tumor is down to practically nothing.

Next up is follow up care.  An exam with my doctor in 4 weeks, and a PET/CT scan in 3 months.

While the treatment appears to have been successful, my doctor warned me that there is a small possibility that I'll need a simple hysterectomy later on (hopefully it does not come down to that, I'm terrified of surgery).

All in all, treatment wasn't bad.  I never had nausea from the chemo, and the radiation just caused some bowel irritation.  I worked full-time throughout the 9 weeks of treatment.

Positive thoughts to all!



Well done niki!! That's amazing, sounds like you have kicked it's butt and then some xxx

Congrats Niki :-)

What a pin-up girl you are! And how lovely that if you do have to have a hysterectomy, it can be a simple one, that's a bonus!

Be lucky :-)


Niki how amazing!

i hope I am as lucky with my treatment :)

Do you have any hints or tips that helped?!x

Great news Nikki, it must be wonderful to know you've completed your treatment regime and that if you do need a hysterectomy it'll be a simple process, as it's a major operation to recover from after you have been through so much today,

Stay focused, positive & happy,

Feisty xx