check ups

Girls just wondering if you have check ups with your consultant every 4 months or more/less often?

I had radical trachelectomy and lympendectomy in Dec and havent had a smear (well a vault smear as they delightfully call it) or a visual check on the area to see if its all ok since my surgery.  I rang the clinic and they didnt have me booked in until mid July. I had though my consultant said every 3 months but the nurse said it would be at least every 4 months for checks.   After explaining how nervous I was to make sure everything is ok they moved it until the end of May.  Is this sort of time scale normal?



Hi there, I had a RH and lympendectomy last June and have 3 check ups now. they told me every 3 months for the next 3 years then twice yearly for 2 years, I just had my 1st vault smear on my last check up, that was fine its just the same as a pap but done with a wooden spatular (nice) but didnt hurt. anyway hope that helps, take care.


I had my rad Hyst in march and am having my first check up on 1st July then every 3 months after that for the 1st year, then to 4 months, then 5 months and so on xx

Hi Louloupop,

I had my trachelectomy and lymph nodes removed begining of Feb and had an internal examination 6 weeks later. I've got my 3 month follow up next week. So, like you said, I probably would've thought they'd have had you booked in sooner. 

I'm sure if you've been feeling ok, everything will be fine. But you probably did the best thing calling them up :)