Check up

Hi ladies 

I had my 3 month check up today and was fairly nervous as been having leg and foot pain!! so having told my oncologist all about the pains she was pretty dismissive about it and said all the treatment can cause nerve damage but hopefully won't be a lasting Effect!! 

Its always so worrisome with new pains and I guess it's natural to link everything to the monster returning!! 

But she was happy with how I'm doing and everything looked/felt as it should :)  I'm now 16 months out of treatment and so grateful it seems so long ago now since going through it all...keep positive and love to you all :) xx


this is wonderful news!! It does seem rather crazy when in some ways it seems like you just went through it all and then in reality it's been awhile. I too have foot pain but I've worked with my GP and the percription I have has taken that pain away. I also take B12, B6, and omega 3 and it really helps me. 

big hugs and super big congrats!!

Oh fantastic news! 16 months out of treatment is a great amount of time, not long before you can say 2 years!!! 

So happy for you. 

Rosie xx