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Hi ladies

Had a check up today with my chemo doc. She has got me really down. I was originally 1b1 had surgery and then upgraded to 2b because of parametrium amd parametrial lymph node involved. So anyways today she said i have a 50/50 chance of it coming back and then if it does they cant fix it i am so upset . I just feel like crying. I go to c my other doc next week. She acted like i wasnt going to be around long:-( can someone please hrlp me. 

God bless


1b1 squamous cell, radical hysterectomy, upgraded to 2b because of parametrium and parametrial lymph node involved, 5 weeks of radiation, 5 chemo dome may 2017

What a negative thing to say! I know I've read posts from other ladies where the oncologist has been very unencouraging, but who have then proved them wrong so hopefully one of them will be along soon. Where do those stats come from, and are they based on staging or where the lymph nodes were (and it is PAST tense because you've done the treatment)? Even your doctor can't accurately compare you to anyone else, as there are so many factors involved. Impossible not to worry, but if at all possible take that as a motivation to stay healthy, eat well, be positive. Also, there are plenty of recurrence ladies on here having treatment with success, so please don't think that a recurrence will be the end of you even if it did happen.

Anne x

Hi Mmouse I had a 100% chance of it coming back after rad hyster for persistent disease following chemorads. It's pretty hard news to take. They offered me the chemo cocktail with a chance of cure approximately 40%. I took it ofcourse. I am now NED coming up to 11 months post chemo and 3 months post Avastin and am fabulous. I even forget I've had the disease. I still come here though as the experience will never leave me. So my advice to you is keep fighting as you might win. Jayne


first off!!!,,,,, where does she get that percentage from????

dr's like this piss me off so much because they just throw some random number out but have absolutely no facts or evidence to support their ignorance. 

Prognosis is a very personal percentage and is based on so many things. Statistics are outdated and don't take into account if the people actually dies from the disease or other things. They randomly put two polar opposite people in one grouping because they shared the same diagnosis and staging. Not to mention they don't even take into account that all these people they used for the data had treatment at different places given by different machine scans and such  there are soooooo many factors that can change the outcome  

Even if you go through all the factors that can alter your prognosis that is still not even accurate because everyone's body is different and reacts different to things such as the different treatments. 

Honestly, you need to just completely ignore her ignorance and stay positive. i am 100% sure that there is more then 50% of people who were staged 2b that have been cured. Even the crappy ass outdated statistics say so! 

Smile hon, shake this off and prove that b*tch wrong


Omg lolli888 you took the words straight from my mouth!!! i agree totally with what you say and I'm lucky enough to have a very upbeat oncologist that took all my own factors into account and said I had 5% chance of it returning....look online and the percentage is way higher!! She said what you said its personal to you and not an out of date statistic!! I know it's probably scared you and I know it's hard but please don't pay attention  what they have said!! positivity sent your way xx


The fear of recurrence haunted me more than anything after I had cancer, I fought every day not to let it overwhelm me, so I know how you feel. I had a huge scare after a year, when I was told it was back in my liver, but luckily it was wrong.
But I lived with a ‘terminal’ diagnosis for a few weeks, before they found out. What I learnt (and as demonstrated by the amazing ladies on here) is that if it does come back, you deal with it and find strength you had no idea you had. It’s so hard, but if you worry too much about it, it just destroys your happiness. I learnt to enjoy each day I had, and to look forward. It took a while, but you do get there.
You have a far, far greater chance of being well than anything else, so ignore the statistics.
I’m now 4 and a half years clear and literally never thought I’d get to this point, but I have, and so will you.

Take care