Check up delays

Hi ladies,

Hope you're all getting on ok. Does anyone else have issues with check ups being cancelled and moved all the time? This happens to me every time. I put in a complaint last time and just got an answer stating what happened with the dates.

I am on 4 month check ups and had one at 9am today only for it to be postponed until 1st September. I've told them this isn't good enough, it's 4 months for a reason.

It drives me mad, I know I was stage 1 and supposedly cured but this appointment is my only chance to be checked out and they cancel/move it every time.

I just don't feel cared about by the hospital system at all.

Rarrrr! Rant over, thanks for reading!

Jo xx

It's happened to me again jo. Same hospital. I'm on 6 month next one should be this month which they cancelled to August then had a letter saying October now which makes it 9 month. X

Hi Jane It's not good enough is it? The supervisor promised she would phone me back on Friday and again today but hasn't. Half tempted to phone my CNS to be seen. The gynae dept kept telling me I'm not urgent so can wait. I wonder how my consultant's private patients are many times do they get moved around?! Xx

It's disgusting jo.they don't seem bothered do they?it just puts your mind at rest for them to examine you and say everything ok. To be honest I'm getting fed up with em too. X

Hi Jane

I called my CNS and told her I wasn't happy to wait 2 more months. She has arranged me to drop in to another clinic in early better than nothing. Apparently the admin staff don't know people's background when moving them round. Great!