Check up anxiety

Got my second check up this week (6 months post RH). No reason to feEl anxious but of course I do! I’ve had hip pain since surgery (not new but definitely worse) so at last check (Oct) consultant said he’d book MRI. I had to chase this up and it’s only happening the evening before my clinic appt, so doubt they’ll have results. I’m not worried the hip pain is anything sinister but I just want the full picture when I see the doc! Routinely, how to post treatment checks go? How frequently I mean. I’ve had 3 month, now 6 month. Will it go to 6 monthly or yearly now?

Hi Blackberry :-)

Well it sounds as though you haven't got yourself worked up into a state over this which is great! Seeing your title I was expecting some real panic, which is how I used to be prior to my check-ups. I think that frequency varies from place to place. I have been on six monthlies and will remain so until I have reached the five-year milestone. Others seem to have the distance between check-ups extended depending on how well they are doing, beginning at three months, then four, then six and so on. Ask your consultant at your appointment how they intend to play it :-)
Be lucky :-)

Hi Blackberry,

I had a radical hysterectomy in May 2014 for stage 1a1 following a biopsy & lletz which found CC.  Thankfully following the surgery I was given the all clear as no further CC had been found.  However, I fully understand where you are coming from with regards to the check ups.  I started off with 3 monthly checks and then after a couple they were extended to 6 months.  I do worry too much about them, I have one scheduled for February and have been worrying about it on and off since the beginning of December.  I was told that if everything is ok at the next check they might extend them to 12 monthly which would be fantastic - however I won't believe it quite yet until it happens.  Tivoli is absolutely corrent, I think it does vary from place to place.  I suppose the thing for us all to remember is that it is better being regularly checked then we know that things are ok.  Let us know how you go on hun.  I will have everything crossed for you. xx

Hi hun, I'm the same with the hip pain but mines in my back too and my back is really tender to touch at the bottom. The pain is better at the moment but does come back I had an xray and I'm awaiting the results as I went to my gp about it.

I had my 1st pet scan since finishing treatment at the beginning of December and I'm still waiting for my until then I can't find out how my treatment has gone on! Stressed us not the word!!!! Xx