Charms have arrived!!!

Just to let you know that I have a limited amount of teal and white ribbon charms available and they are now on Ebay. Woo hoo. These are just the charms. I’m also planning on doing mobile phone charms and things but am waiting on the other bits so I can make them.

These ones are a special price and imported from the US - I’m just covering costs on them and 30% of the price will go to Jo’s Trust. If they sell well, then I’ll consider ordering more.

Z x

Always nice to be the first!! :lol:

Look forward to receiving mine

Debs xx

It’s on it’s way :slight_smile:


Thanks to those who have bought so far - now I have the picture on eBay too (spent all morning doing this and only realised the picture didn’t up load now!)

Z x

Hi Zoe,

The charms look really nice!
I don’t have an e-bay account and don’t really want to create one as I don’t buy stuff from e-bay. I was wondering whether it would be possible for you to put one aside for me and I can either transfer you the the money or give it to you in cash when I see you next. Would that be OK?


I have a problem with my ebay at moment Zoe

Can i buy one off you at the march.


I’ll put some aside for the rally :slight_smile:

Z x

Now have phone charms on eBay


So far I’ve donated £23.25 to Jo’s so a MASSIVE thank you.

I’ll be putting more on later this week and will bring some with me to the rally :slight_smile:

Z x

Phone charms and charms are back up

Z x

I’ve just purchased a phone charm from ebay, they look great thanks.

Very cute mobile charm arrived today… thanks Z!
And if anyone asks what the teal and white stands for I can send them here and send them to the ebay page to get their own!!!


I’ve just bought 2 phone charms, they look lovely! Can’t wait till they arrive.