charity event / ladies night

Hey there.

I work for Ann Summer's party plan. I have a ladies night in Jan and i am holding a man auction, lol 

And the money raised I am donating to a charity and also raise awareness to the room of women. 

Would I beable to donate to Jo's and also if somebody can help me with ideas on advertising tools

And something good to say on the night? 

Thank you 

What fun!

Wish I could join you :-) Good luck with it.



Haha Tivoli, wish I could join too does sound fun xxx

Aww thanks ladies! Its fun and also wanted to make it for  a good cause too!

Just would like some advice on what to say so i don't say the wrong thing lol

X x 

Hi there!

I'm the Fundraising Manager at Jo's and would be happy to help. Apologies it's taken me so long to get back to you.

Your event sounds brilliant! I can send you a fundraising pack which may help, including ideas of ways to advertise and posters - if you'd like one, could you send your postal address to Once I have your email address, I can send through more info too, including what to say on the night. 

Thanks again, and I look forward to hearing from you.



Hi there Niamh! Sorry for the late reply I have been so so busy!!  Please yes send me some info it is tomorrow! I have a selection of bits I ordered from you's


ITS TOMORROW - I am preparing for the biggest smearforsmear selfie so far..!! xx