Changing Oncologist

Hi Guys

I was wondering what people's thoughts and experiences are around changing their oncologist. 
I cannot jell with mine. She seems flippant and uninformed.  She gave me incorrect info re survival rates without having access to my histology rates (became apparent during meeting).  I read them before she did. She passes me off to my CNS nurse for things my nurse says she cannot do (as she needs oncologist's permission). She was argumentative about the fact I still had my ovaries because her computer said I'd had them out. 
She comes across as not caring about me and I am not prepared to be written off. 

I guess I'm decided- has anyone else changed theirs. Was it easy/hard?  

Hi rufus

I am so sorry to hear that you're having such a lousy experience with such an important person. I think the element of trust is so important for your peace of mind and you've every reason to doubt the level of care you've had.

I did change oncologist/teams in between initial diagnosis and surgery. I was initially diagnosed at the "local" hospital and due to COVID they transferred my surgery to the big cancer centre in the city. The difference between the two teams was huge. The cancer centre re evaluated my lletz biopsy and found a much bigger tumour, from 7mm to 21mm (!) And they also found CGIN, which ultimately informed my decision to have RH instead of trach. The consultant at the local hospital told me there was no glandular abnormality at all. The CNS at the local hospital never returned my calls and would reply in brief emails. The CNS at the cancer centre always return my calls and have helped me in ways I wouldnt have known to ask for.

After my surgery i was to be discharged back to the local hospital for my follow ups and ongoing care but I made a request in writing to both teams to ask that I stay with the cancer centre in the city. This has been granted.

I guess my post isn't helpful for you as I was lucky enough to be "introduced" to my 2nd consultant and team rather than having to find them. But wanted to say I totally share your thoughts and understand your concerns and its my experience that you do have the right to change team.

Not sure how you would get the ball rolling with it but maybe Google nhs oncologists in your area/trust and contact their secretary(?) Hopefully someone else will be along with more practical advice than I can offer.

Good for you on standing up for yourself and your health against this flippant doctor.

All the best xXx

Hey lovely,

i really am sorry that this horrendous time is being made more stressful by your oncologist. 
I don't have a bond for want of a better word with my consultant and I've only seen him a few time's, I usually get fobbed off to one of his registrars, but I do trust him to have my best interests at heart and give me the best possible chance. 
if I experienced what you have I probably would ask to have another consultant. I know that Macmillan nurses have intervened in some instances so it might be worth chatting to them. 

i really hope you can resolve this one way or another.
much love sweetheart,

emma xx 


I'm don't know for sure but I'm wondering if PALS might be able to help - see following link for further information:


Thanks for your thoughts everyone. I am having my review with a different oncologist this week and I want to change to him. I've had one conversation with him so far and he seems lovely. My CNS nurse confirmed that he was really interested in research and staying up to date. 
Hopefully he will have some hope for me and not write me off.  I want someone to seem like they care!


I know this isn't cc related but we had similar the start of this year as my hus3has arthritis. He's had it since he was 11 Yr old. He was discharged 15 yrs ago, it flared up 5 yrs ago so was with another specialist. To cut along story short he had a massive flare up in January this Yr. The specialist he was with was useless. No interest in his needs or issues, so I contacted the consultant he was under and basically told him how useless he was (I promise it was better put) and asked to go with the other consultant and team as he had been seeing him privately and we had more faith in him. We also sent a letter to the department head. They asked if it was a complaint. I said "well I suppose it is" and he got transferred across to a better consultant!

The only other way to do this (however, it looks if you already have this under way) is to ask your GP to refer you to this new Dr. Failing this (if it wasn't covid atm) see if They have a private surgery, pay, then at the appointment ask to be placed on their NHS lists. 

Thanks, Harvitt,

There are obviously lots of ways to get this done if the hospital don't listen to me. My radiology CNS seemed a bit shocked when I listed the problems I had with the oncologist.  
I am also getting in contact with my main cancer hub to get better info too.

Big hugs. Xx