My friend has had her smear test results back.

Her smear was 4 weeks ago just had the results

HPV high risk and low grade dyskaryosis.and no sign of cancer

My questions are

1…can low changes go from low in Middle of February to moderate or to high by April when they have their coloscopy other words in 8 weeks from smear to coloscopy appointment
2.I didnt think they couldn’t tell if there was cancerous cells just by the smear alone as the said there were no cancer cells from the message from her doctors.
3…has the HPV caused the changes or can other things cause abnormal changes.
4. on the day of the coloscopy will the doctor nurse be able to give a good indication of the cells.and if so do they treat on the day… long does it take to go from low grade to high.
6…how long does it take to go from high to cancer as i assume thats the next part after high changes.

Thank you for any of the answer.
God bless