Changes to our online forum

Hi Everyone

Our online forum is one of our most popular services and provides a safe and supportive place for women and their loved ones to share their experience of cervical cancer and cervical abnormalities and gain mutual support. Our aim is to keep improving your user experience so that you get as much out of the forum as possible and that it continues to be easy to use.

With this in mind, we are launching a few small changes, mainly to our mobile site, on Thursday 24th April at 9am. Depending on how you access the forum you will notice the following changes;

If you're on a desktop PC;

  • You'll notice that in each forum category there will now be a purple box on the left side of the screen that signposts you to relevant information pages on our website. This way, those coming to us who are looking for information will not only benefit from the experiences and support of the community, they will also be able to clearly see where to access relevent information that is peer reviewed and carries the Information Standards Accreditation. We hope that this will give everyone that bit extra support.

If you're using a tablet or a smart phone;

  • This time the purple box with more information will appear at the bottom of the screen when you scroll down.
  • You'll also notice that everything fits better on the screen and is easier to read through.
  • For those of you using your phones, you'll see that we've put some of the menu lists into drop down boxes which take up less space, making it easier to select the category you want and scroll through to your posts quickly. All you'll need to do is click on each of the boxes to expand or collapse the menu for either log in details, the list of forum categories or to see a list of the most recent posts.

We really hope that you like these changes and that they make the forum even easier for you to access and use. 

The changes will come into effect from 9am tomorrow morning and we will be asking you to give us your feedback a few weeks later.

If you do have any immediate concerns or problems using the forum after the changes, please contact me directly at 

Best wishes