Changes in my cervix, after several years of normal results

I have just received my screening test results and there are changes, no further details aside from them confirming that there is still HPV present. I’ve had this present for about 5years now.

I have previously had the lletz procedure done twice and that had worked. This was back in 2016/17. I’m also recently diagnosed with PCOS and I’m trying to lose weight for fertility treatment.

The letter has said I will be given an appointment within 8 weeks and then at the bottom of the letter it says it may be up to 18 weeks. I’m panicking that there is something seriously wrong and it could end up with me not able to have kids because of whatever treatment might be needed.

This smear took place in early November, and was a repeat because the one in August didn’t have enough cells for them to test. I’m so frustrated, worried and fed up with it all. I don’t even know why I’m posting, I know the panic is premature but it’s not uneducated panic if that makes sense?

Sorry for the trail of consciousness, at a complete loss just now.

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Hi Dd
Sorry to hear you’re so worried, especially with a potentially long wait time
Did your letter say what grade of changes your cervical screening showed? X

Nope, just said there are changes. I know it could end up nothing but previously I had CIN3 and required 2 lletz, one under a general anaesthetic. I’m trying to be rational, but I have a lot of other stress at the moment, including that I just lost my dad last month.

Im going to call them and ask if there’s anything that can be done considering my history.


So sorry for your loss. Definitely call them and chase it up. It’s such a never ending worry it seems isn’t it. I feel pretty low today as well, had CIN3 in 2021, Lletz, then recurrence of CIN2 in 2016 only spotted because I pushed for a biopsy. Now going through more gynae issues potentially. It feels like a treadmill you can’t get off sometimes. I hope someone else comes along with some positivity but today just know I’m with you. It’s so frustrating and annoying!

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That seems unusual that your letter does not say what grade of change, that makes things so much more difficult as you have no idea where you are.
Sorry for your loss, this is an extra stress you don’t need x