Change in appts good or bad?

I was meant to go for an abdominal scan and colposcopy on the same day but I had a letter to say my colposcopy appt had changed because the consultant/doctor wasn't available. The original idea was to have both on the same day so that if they found anything on the scan they would speak with the consultant and do something straight away. I rang colposcopy last week and they said my results weren't in and then I rang yesterday and she was gone for ages. She said my biopsy results were in but because she was admin she couldn't give that information over the phone. I asked if the lovely colposcopy nurse that I see could try and ring me because if my results were fine then it would hopefully mean I wouldn't have to go to colposcopy again. I got a phone call from the admin lady who told me the colposcopy nurse needed to check all my notes again and would ring me on Monday. Now I'm really worried. Lots of people have had their results over the phone but did you speak to the office staff or someone else? I'm hopimg that because the appts are later rather than earlier that everything is ok. My friend is a doctor said my case is very rare so I'm wondering if any one else has been referred for an abdominal scan? If they don't find anything they might do a vaginal scan too. has anyone else had this? If so, what happens? 

Jan 2012 abnormal smear CGIN

Jan 2012 colposcopy and removal of abnormal cells

Feb 2012 clear margins no cancer

June 2012 - June 2014 6month/12month appts all clear no HPV

May 2015 abnormal bleeding early appt biopsy taken and smear

June 2015 waiting for results and abdominal scan and follow up colposcopy booked. 




Hi there,

I got my biopsy results over the phone as I got some conflicting information from my GP surgery so they were happy to clarify. They will usually do it over the phone, unless it's a little more complicated I think, though not necessarily cancer, for example if there are unclear margins or CGIN is found. However, like you, the receptionist/admin couldn't do it, but the nurse called back. This was pretty early midweek so I got the call same day. Try not to worry too much, it may have been a very busy day in the surgery though I know the waiting is such a killer!


Emma x

I got called in to see the consultant for my biopsy results,  which weren't good. But I am getting my staging results over the phone on monday from the nurse (hopefully) x