Chances of cc after LLETZ? (children mentioned)

Hi everyone - I had my first ever smear back in November last year which came back abnormal. I then went for colposcopy and had a punch biopsy done - the doc who did this said it was CIN1 but it actually turned out to be CIN2. I then went back to the hospital last week to have a LLETZ treatment under GA during which I COMPLETELY freaked out, shook from head to toe, and cried afterwards. They felt so sorry for me that they gave me a place to lie down and a cup of tea :-) 

I have been quite blasé about the whole thing up until now because I think this was fairly common but now that I've read through tonnes of stuff online I'm really worried that they may find I have CC. It's made worse by the fact that every appointment from my smear onwards they have underestimated the severity of the results so now I'm just assuming it'll come back and be cancer. I know it sounds bad but it's not really the CC part that scares me the most but it's the possibility of needing a hystorectomy or other treatment that will leave me unable to have children. I'm 25 and recently engaged, and all me and my fianceé have talked about over the last couple of months is our future and starting a family. If it turns out I can't have kids I will find that very tough. 

Its it's been one week since the LLETZ. Would they have told me by now if the diagnosis was bad? 

Thanks everyone for reading :-) 


your situation is nearly exactly like mine. 

except I am 27, that was my first ever smear. 

Bad I know, but I kept forgetting. :-( 

i had high grade dyskaryosis 

went for a coloposcopy and had treatment there and then. 

with LA... Little scared, but had it done. 

I had it done 10 days ago now and they said I would get results in 4-6 wks. 

did they say the same to you? 

How have u felt since your treatment? 

i can honestly say, part of me thinks what about if CC,

and then other part, oh it won't be. 

Then I think, if it is, omg! What about children!?!?!? 

Thats my biggest fear. 

But being part of this forum, has really helped me. 

I know it's easier said than done and I am going through it, but worrying won't actually help right now. 

Just have to deal with whatever happens when we both actually know the results. 

ill be thinking of you :-) 

I'd feel exactly the same in your situation, but I'm sure everything will be fine! Easy to say that though, right? Difficult to believe. I'm in similar situation, I'm in the wait for my LLETZ results but I do already have 2 children and my OH is getting the snip so no more children for us anyway. Hope the results come through soon xx

Thank You both for your reassurances, thank God for this forum :) 

Roxi- they said 4-6 weeks so we'll see. From what I've read on here we'd get a call sooner if there was anything serious. I just hope they say they've got it all and all I need to do is attend follow up smears, don't want to go through LLETZ again as I found that quite unpleasant. Anyway, will sit tight and take it as it comes! Thinking of you too - let me know how it goes. 


i am in the same boat as you as in worrying about the severity levels. I went from Borderline to High Grade in 6 months which they said is not all that common. I was also told a large biopsy had to be taken. I found the LLETZ quite unpleasant too and ended up having an internal stitch. I am thinking the worst and finding this whole waiting game really difficult!! Not even been a week yet. Feel like I am in limbo for the next 4 weeks waiting for the results. It's always in the back of my mind.

i know everyone is in a similar situation and I find it so helpful to talk to ladies on here. 

Hope you get your results soon.


That's exactly the same as me. 

Im on day 11 of the wait. 

Im hoping I dont hear this week, that way hopefully it will be okay, 

as what I've read on here, if u find out within 2 wks, that's not good. 

Like i say, just by what I've gathered. 

I feel okay, how about you? 

New to this.


Your situation is very similar to mine, I had LLETZ yesterday and have been very emotional since. Mainly due to the risk of not having children as Iam 24. Were you booked in for LLETZ? I am slightly confused because I thought I was having a 20 min appt for a coloscopy but the consultant said he would need to do the LLETZ procedure and he took away a huge amount which (sorry for the detail) meant I bled alot and the whole procedure took over an hour. I'm not sure how normal this it? The consultant wouldnt tell me much after and just kept referring to the fact I was very young so it would be highly unlikely that it is anything serious. Obviously this didnt put my mind at rest as there are so many young woman that this happens to.

Like you, it isnt the cancer that scares me as much as not being able to have children. Im trying to put it to the back of my mind but I feel so detatched from everything. I hope all of your results come back ok, I wish there was a smaller waiting time for results... 4 weeks of wondering isnt good for anyone.



that was the same as me, was going in for a colposcopy and ended up having treatmenT. 

Its all been very quick, which I am pleased about, but also very scared too. 

It is the children thing I am worried about, been with partner for 5 years. Thinking of children in 3 or so. 

worried if it comes back, I'll have to go Throu all that again. 

Does it stop ur chances of having children? 

Thats what I'm not sure of. I'm sure I've read, too many times, can damage chances. 

im on day 14 today, of waiting for results. And I'm Sooo scared. I have this waiting!

i had to go back to docs, 2 days ago as didn't feel well. And now have infection in my cervix. :-( 

which theyve given me anti biotics, but I just feel this is never ending. 

I also worry that when I do get the results and fingers crossed all is okay, that this high grade dyskaryosis will come back :-((( 


its all all a horrible experienc!! And never for one minute did I ever think any of this would come out of a smear test. 

(sorry had a bit of a rant) 

have a low day today :-( 

roxi x 

Don't worry, low days keep sneaking up on me too, I get really frustrated that I get so upset, yet if I have a good day I feel guilty too. The waiting is a nightmare. 

Ohh gosh that's not good but at least the doctor sorted you out with antibiotics, not what you need though!

I feel terrible after the LLETZ, thinking about going to the doctors myself, I'm just exhausted ALL the time!

i really hope everyone's results come back soon and are ok! 

Chin up!!!