Chances of being cured?

Having a really bad couple of days which is to be expected after all the waiting etc…having pet scan tomorrow and eua next week but I’m just terrified that this cannot be beaten! I’ve been staged at a 1b2/2a from my biopsies and MRI & ct scan but he just wants to make 110% before hey settle on a treatment plan hence the extra pet and eua…but now my minds started soingba terrible thing and wandering off wondering about what happens after! I know I should be putting all my energy into getting rid of my tumour this time but what are the chances that they can’t cure this? And how likely is it to come back if after the treatment they do initially cure me…all silly questions I know cause nobody know but I’ve just seen loads of cases on here of reoccurrences and I’m over thinking again!!
Kay x

Hi kay

I can't answer ur questions but can tell u what ur thinking is completely normal. .when I was first diagnosed last september I had it in my head I wasn't goin to see my 40th birthday which is next month but here I am still...I wouldn't buy new clothes cos in my mind  I wouldn't be needing them..and it would be  a waste of money but honestly when ur treatment starts u will feel more in control..well I did anyway..I am now waitin for my first check up after treatment and am panicin again which I know is only natural's the unknown I don't like. ..I like to be in control but unfortunately with this bloody thin u can't always be..anyway big hugs for u xx

Chances of being cured? Astronomically high!

Hi Kay

i have another CT scan next tue for radiotherapy planning and start my chemo Monday 11th. Feel like I just want it all to start now because I'm driving myself mad worrying about it all,

hope you are ok?


Hi Kay. There are lots of good news stories on here, honestly! The difficulty is that the forum is used mostly when we're struggling and so the forum sometimes seems overloaded with reoccurrences or problems. There are some lovely ladies who hang around to reassure us long after they get the all clear, but the majority skip healthily away and we don't get to 'see' them. 

Anne x

Hi :) 

I was diagnosed in Nov 2015 and felt like you do now!! It's the worst time when your first diagnosed and going through all the tests, I had MRI pet and the time o was so worried why they were sending me for so many scans and procedures..but I'm so glad they did as they need a full picture to get the best treatments for you!! They want to get it all in one go and give you the best chance of cure!! You will see reoccurance posts and ladies who are struggling a little But this is a forum for support, like the lady above said lots use this forum as a crutch through diagnosis/treatment then go back to life before it happened...some want to forget some are busy with work and life, but please don't be scared by Seeing posts about reoccurance as you are stage 1 and that's a very curable stage!! even stage 4 Can be cured it's very individual so looking at others even if they are the same stage doesn't give you the full picture!! It's tough for a little while and it does change you but you need strength and positivity to get through it... can do this!! hugs xxx

Hi Kay

Everything that has been said is completely true. I rarely come on to the forum now. I wish I had been able to be around more initially but I became obsessed with recurrence and my husband effectively ‘banned’ me as it wasn’t helping me! (I’ve had some bumps along the way) But I am just over 4 years clear now, and my consultant said at my last check up in January that my chances of survival are now 100 %. I am still having bladder issues, but it’s a small price to pay. So although right now your experience is terrifying, it gets better, I promise. And the chances of being cured are really excellent :slight_smile:

Good luck
Ali x

Such amazingly brilliant ladies! Chance of cure is very high. I know it's hard to see that and especially believe that in the beginning. I started planning my funeral minutes after I was diagnosed at stage 4. I'm 8 months post treatment and in the clear ❤

Hi Julie, so pleased to hear that it's all moving forward for you and that you have an actual least you have something to focus on..I still feel in limbo as for some reason my doctor is still trying to get a clear picture! So diagnosed on Feb 23rd..MRI and ct on mar 6th..first meeting on march 24th where he told me he wants a PET scan which I had yesterday and now have to have a eua next week or week after! So think this is why I'm still feeling worried as it seems to be taking an age to "stage" me..he did say he doesn't think it's more than a 2a and I will be having chemorad but I'm exhausted from all the uncertainty...

wishing you all the luck with your treatment 

kay x

Thank you so much everyone for your you know at this time of the diagnosis anything positive e gives you such a boost..I know everyones case is completely different but these last few days have been real tough for me as the diagnosis star seems to be taking forever! its been 5 weeks so far and I'm still no further ahead really other than I've had all the scans that you possibly can have and now waiting for eua next week! I know all hospitals vary with their timing etc but when I see ladies on here that have been told they have cc after me I start to wonder why the hell I still don't know my correct staging 100% and still no plan for me

thanks everyone 

kay x

Hi Kay,

We seem to be on exactly the same journey at the same time. I'm also on the border of 1b/2a and just had my PET scan and waiting for EUA. 

The reasons I've been given for the extra checks is that they visually on normal examination don't agree with the mri (they cant see parametrial involvement whereas the mri shows it) and because the treatment plan would change dependant on stage (hysterectomy  vs chemorads) they want to be completely sure. 

My doctor said one phrase that stuck with me and is helping me through this extra waiting time which was "we are going to CURE you first time round and that's why we need these extra checks"

Good luck with everything x

Hi princess

sorry to hear that you are going through the same as what I am..I wouldn't wish this on anyone! I didn't know I had such a range of emotions! It's such a help to hear from ladies who have been and are going through cc.

thankyou so much for your comment above you've made me feel 100% better already and reassured! I think your right my consultant seemed unsure which way to go with the staging so unlucky for us this means more testing and more waiting time..not looking forward to the eua but will tackle that when the day comes! 

we have a family holiday booked to Majorca on April 20th for a week so he's going to let me have that but i will hopefully know which  he's way I'm heading with treatment etc before I go..

wishing you lots of luck on your journey

thabks again..big hugs 

Kay xx