ive been having abnormal smears for 11 years now, nearly 7 years ago I was confirmed CIN1 and had a loop biopsy. October this year CIN3 was picked up and I had Punch Biopsys taken end of October results coming back CIN3 Severe Dsykaryosis.


Had another loop done 3 weeks later (middle november) and results came back end last week as CIN1 & CGIN and I was to have 6 monthly colposcopys for next 5 years and then yearly for the following 5 years.


Yesterday I received a letter stating and admin error and need to be seen beginning of January, there was no explaination of the error so I rang them. Turns out I am CIN1 & CGIN3 with unclear margins and have to go back to discuss treatment options.


There doesnt seem to be alot of information around regarding CGIN3 so any advice would be appreciated


Many thanks

Hi not sure if you need this info now but if you go on to cancer research.orgs there's lots of info or ring the free number.

the nurses are amazing pre-cancer (CIN AND CGIN) they can explain things for you. the nurse spoke to me for an hour and I felt 

so much better after because I could understand xx