how many people have had cgin and not needed anymore treatment ? X

I'm hoping this is case for me! No results yet xx

It's been a week now touch wood no news is giod news x

They generally treat cgin the same as cin they can get clear margins from the lettz but it is unlikely to be left without any treatment as these abnormalities occur higher up in the glandular tissue and so not all of what's going on is necessarily visible at colposcopy xx

Cgin is in an awkward place. Trust me to always be awkward haha. X

Haha me too :) 

Charlene how did they treat yours? X I'm hoping my loop biopsy comes out clear xx


Im waiting for my colposcopy but Dr has stataded gladular endocervical abnormalities - so with the help of Google, i have self diagnosed it as GCIN.

ANot feeling very good right now and imagining the worst ........  :(


Susan don't google my lovely worst thing to do, stay on nhs site Macmillan or here xx