I'm at the stage of waiting for results following a LLETZ.  I was just reading about CGIN, something I'd previously not heard of.  I understand it refers to changes on the inside of the cervix rather than the outside of the cervix (correct me if I'm wrong?)

Is this something that they 'find' during a normal smear and/or colposcopy?  I've heard of people who are having treatment for both - so can I assume, that because my Lletz was for CIN3, that I've already been tested/cleared for CGIN?

Hi there - from what I understand it can be picked up by a smear test / colposcopy (my smear test detected suspected CGIN which turned out to be CIN3)

CGIN refers to changes at a glandular level (i.e. below the 'skin' surface)



I believe I have CGIN. The colposcopist told me during my exam that there were abnormal cells in my glandular tissue, though I'm waiting for my biopsy results.

If you had it, it should have been spotted by now. Although it is possible it was missed in the exam - they would not have removed glandular tissue in the LLETZ though unless it was suspected as they only remove the abnormal areas

Thank you ladies.  Just when you think you've read and understoof it all, something else confusing pops up!