CGIN - what next?




I was diagnosed with CGIN after a smear test in June, at that test I also had an endometrial biopsy and was put on antibiotics for an infection.  I was told on the day that I'd most likely need a colposcopy which I subsequently had 2nd August.  In addition to colposcopy I also had NETZ and punch biopsies.  Again I was told to expect a further follow-up and this was a cone biopsy on 14th September together with a D&C - I also had a mirena coil put in to deal with problem periods at the same time.

I've read up a lot on CGIN and I want to ensure that I ask everything I need to when I meet my gynacologist next week for results.  He had explained about these cells being more unpredictable hence the more agressive treatment now.

I know I shouldn't google but I have and I've read that CGIN means a colposcopy in addition to a smear going forward in case it comes back, does anybody know if this is correct?  Also, is it likely that they might do any sort of further tests after a cone biopsy now?

Also, at this point I feel emotionally shattered by the whole thing.  I have spoken to a couple of people who have gone through colposcopy and LLETZ and none of them needed the level of biopsies or treatments that I've had, I'm assuming that's down to the glandular cells being less common?

My recovery isn't too bad physically, some pain in my lower back and left side but nothing more than what feels like bad period pains and exhaustion but that in my case would be the norm for general anaesthethic anyway.  I just feel though like I'm ready to cry and while others understand some of what I've been through that I'm on my own because some people that I've spoken to seem to feel I shouldn't be worried because lots of people go through this and they're fine yet I myself know that the treatment has been more agressive because of the nature of the cells.

I don't have a partner, I have a 10yr old child who is oblivious to anything and I just feel really alone in dealing with this so I'm trying to get my head in the right place for dealing with my gynacologist next week in case this isn't the end of treatment.

Any advice welcome,