CGIN still present after cone biopsy.

Hello all:) I am worried sick…I was stupidly 8 years late having a smear, started spotting during sex, between periods etc smear came back very quickly as abnormal. I had a bunch biopsy that came back to show high grade CGIN. I then went ahead and had a cone biopsy. The results came back today to say that abnormal cells were found around the edge of the biopsy so not all the CGIN was taken away. I am going to be discussed at panel as to what to do next.
Has anybody else been in this position or can anybody give me they thought as to what they think may happen next. Is there still a chance that cancer could be present?
Thanks in advance xxx

Hi smiley, 

My situation isn't quite the same but I did have LLETZ under general anesthetic and then a further cone biopsy to get clear margins. The first LLETZ treatment took so much tissue the consultant later classed it as a cone. So they may be able to remove more of your cervix. It all depends where the cells are located and if there is enough surrounding tissue to achieve clear margins. 

Just know that you are in the best hands now and the panel of professionals will take everything into consideration when choosing your treatment. 

Best wishes 



I think i was 5 years since i had my smear and when i finally had it it came up with abnormal cells. I went for my first colposcopy appointment and they could see abnormal cells/growth on my cervix so she did the Lletz and said she thought she had removed them all.

Then approx 1 month later my results were in and i was asked to go back into hospital to discuss. They said they hadnt got clear margins and i had high grade CIN3 and CGIN3. I was booked in to have a general as they said they would too hard to access the area as it was high in my cervix.

Luckily i then got the all clear after this. This was 3 years ago and since ive had a baby. Im on yearly colposcopy appointments.

My consultant did say if after having the general and they still hadnt got clear margins they would discuss a hysterectomy with me but nothing set in stone.