CGIN second LLETZ Experience

Had my second LLETZ this morning and the consultant gave me some information before she carried out the procedure.

With regards to pre term labour following treatment - 80% of ladies will carry to term.  20% will have pre term labour. 

I asked about the percentage chances of removing all the glandular cells and getting clear margins this time.  She said she would be very dissapointed not to get clear margins this time and said that 97% of the time they do get clear margins.  So I am relatively hopeful that this will be the last treatment I will need. 

Were I to get pregnant now I would be a higher risk pregnancy than before (I'm under fertility for PCOS).  They would want to measure my cervical length by ultrasound and maybe put in a cervical stitch. 

I got to have a look at my cervix this time.  I was amazed at how well it had healed from the previous procedure and even the nurses were impressed.  Never thought I would hear the words 'you have a lovely neat cervix' but there we are. 

Case may be discussed at MDT again.  So just that long ol' wait for histology results now.  

Hi lovely,


Thanks so much for the update and passing on all the extra information you learnt. So helpful.


I really hope you recover well. Have they said your recovery is likely to follow the same route as LLETZ recovery?


I'd love to see my cervix now haha ?! I have felt it and it makes me think of a crater at the top of a volcano. I have no idea if that's normal or not! ? X

Hi Lemon,


Thank you. Yes recovery much the same as before I believe.

Honestly I've been too scared to actually feel my cervix.  I'd say it was pretty normal for it to feel scarred.  Everyone heals differently and some people scar worse than others. 


Hope you get some news soon from the MDT.  Xx

12/04/21 Clear margins achieved in last LLETZ.  Appointment for smear test in colposcopy in. September made.