CGIN question

So I've just had my letter from the hospital following my second LLETZ under GA for CGIN, and it says they went 20mm (7mm at my first LLETZ) and it says no CIN or CGIN but HPV changes present. Obviously I'm happy, but what does it mean that HPV present still?? It says a test of cure in 6 months and 18 months. ..

Basically though I should feel relieved, I'm scared as everything I've read says CGIN can hide and skip etc. I've had my family and we do not wish to have any more kids. I'm 34. I've read a hysterectomy is the only way to ensure it's all gone, which is something I'm open too, I couldn't go through this stress every 6 months!! I haven't actually spoken to my consultant since the very first colposcopy and I have so many questions still!!!

Any one in the same position? Thanks xx


LLETZ procedure or any other procedure doesn't get rid of the HPV virus just the abnormal cells caused by the virus. Some women who undergo hysterectomy end up having vaginal or vulvar dysplasia because the virus affects those other areas as well. What we need to work on is getting rid of the virus which there is no clear way how to do it, only your immune system is capable of doing that. So we have to be as healthy as possible and try to detox this virus or at the very least make it go dormant so it doesn't cause more cell changes.