CGIN positive story

Hi All
A positive story coming up…for those who know no background,I had my smear last July that showed mild changes and HPV positive (been positive since 2020),was sent for colcoscopy where they found cgin so I had lletz to remove the cells. Had my 6 month check up smear at the hospital at the end of march and received the news that all is fine and I am now HPV negative,just wanted to share some positive news :blush: xx


That’s great news @sunshine24


Thanks leelee09
Such a relief :raised_hands: always good to share a positive story too xx

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Hi there, that’s great news. I have found this forum very helpful. Today I attended the colposcopy clinic and the doctor was so kind and professional, I went for the loop diathermy and it was quick and painless.

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Hi Emmao95
I do hope you get the results are good for you too,it’s the waiting in between results that I find awful and my mind plays through all sorts :disappointed:

Super news @sunshine24 i am really delighted for you! :clap:t2:

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