CGIN Lletz, test for cure, letter dating HPV changes seen, but waiting for smear result


So my smear last year showed high grade changes. I had my lletz in July under GA, as I can struggle with alot of pain from speculums. CGIN was found, and clear margins on the lletz. Went for my test of cure follow up last week which went OK, not comfortable but didn’t have a panic attack or pass out. So for me that counts as a win.

I’ve been copied onto a letter from the colposcopy to my gp which has just arrived. I don’t have the results yet. But the letter I’ve been copied in on says “the colposcopy showed HPV changes on the posterior lip and a smear was taken. The TZ was 2. We will wait for results to plan further management.”

I would rather have not known anything until the actual results come in. As now I’m just going to be more anxious until the results come in as they’ve said there were HPV changes they could see. So I already know half of the result it’s just waiting to know how bad the changes are. But given that I had lletz 6 months ago I know that just the presence of HPV means atleast another colposcopy. I don’t know why they have to wait for the rest of the result and why they can’t book me in for colposcopy now, given the HPV changes. Or even better why didn’t they ask to do a biopsy then and there, when they saw the changes at the colposcopy clinic where my test of cure smear was done.