CGIN & HR HPV confused and worried

I have always had no problems with smears 

I was late having my smear this time . Completely forgot and hadn't realised I was late . I had been having abnormal bleeding sometimes after sex, pain during sex, and between 1 and 3 periods a year .On top of that I've had bladder problems leaking ect .. I'd gone to my drs over the past 2 years with various little bits. End of April as nothing was getting better and I was feeling really run down. I went with a list. Whilst there she mentioned my smear needing doing. She ran various blood tests .When the  results  were back she told me I had type 2 diabetes an needed to start medication straight away. she said there was a problem with my liver function test. And I needed a liver scan. She also referred me to hospital following an internal for my bladder. And a separate referal for a womb scan and said she didn't want me going more than 6 months between periods. If I did I needed to see her. 

In the mean time she had done my smear. 6th may . I didn't think anything else about it. Too stressed with everything else going on.

23rd of may I recieved my results back saying Borderline changes to cells and HR HPV. On 29th may I received a letter from Fast track office for an urgent referal for a colposcopy on 4th June. When I arrived the dr at the hospital said it was CGIN cells and HR HPV . He said as they were cells from deeper up in the cervix he didn't know yet what he was looking at. He said he would take a look and maybe do a biopsy. on looking he said something about my cervix bleending apon touch ? To the nurse. He then said he was doing loop. No point in doing the biopsy?

Following doing the loop He said once results were back they write to me. I said I thought you didn't need to do a biopsy . He replyed saying they check the piece from the loop. He asked me if I had any questions but I went blank. Said no and went. Leaflet he gave me doesn't say much about CGIN it goes on about CIN 1-2-3 . I don't know if he found just borderline or higher or what? I had a million and one questions when I left and now I am worried sick wondering if I should be worried or not. Booklet he gave says 4-6 weeks for results.which feels a live time away. I've my liver scan on 17th june. Still awaiting my womb scan but worried they may be connected . As anyone had similar experience or know much about why borderline CGIN with HVP is fast tracked urgent or how long it takes for results of loop. 

Sorry for long winded and so many questions  just it's driving me crazy. I'm scared every time the post comes yet willing a letter to arrive at the same time. 

Hi, hope your ok. Sorry you have had a late reply!
I had cgin treated a few weeks ago, if they suspect cgin you do get an urgent referral. I’m not 100%sure why but it may be because the cells have come from further up and may have been missed before. Also I think they aren’t as easy to diagnose via smear or colposcopy. It is standard procedure though so try not to worry too much. I had my loop results back in 2 weeks, fingers crossed you don’t have too long to wait and all your other tests come back clear xx

Hi Chez,

I have also been diagnosed with CGIN and have spent a fair bit if time researching it, so hopefully the following information will help.  The cells in CGIN come from the canal that leads from the cervix to the uterus, they are different to cervical cells in that cervical cells are like skin cells and the ones that come from higher up are glandular cells.  The problem with CGIN is that it can be hard to detect/monitor as normal cervical smears do not always pick it up.  Rather than be divided into CIN 1/2/3, CGIN is divided into either low grade or high grade.  CGIN is not as common as CIN and from what I have read about 10-20% of abnormal smears show CGIN hence there isn't as much information.  

In terms of my experience I was diagnosed with high grade CGIN following a loop (LLETZ) at the colposcopy clinic.  Unfortunately when they looked at the sample all of the abnormal cells hadn't been removed so I went back for a second loop excision and am currently waiting for the results, although when I phoned I was told they had removed all of the abnormal cells.  CGIN can be treated very successfully with loop and other similar treatments.  However my understanding is that if you have CGIN you will then be monitored carefully due to the difficulty in identifying the cells in the first place!

In my case I have opted for a hysterectomy as I do not want children and want to remove the risk completely.  However, I think this option is quite uncommon now as normally fertility saving options are effective, however it depends on the individual and Consultant involved.

I hope this has helped, I can sympathise as it is a very worrying time and the after effects of the loop treatment aren't great!  Try and be reasurred that they have found the CGIN and you are having treatment to remove them.  There is some scary info out there about CGIN but I have been reassured that the treatments offered are effective and I will be closely monitored.

Happy to chat if you have any other questions.....

Bek x     

I have recently been told I have glandular neoplasia after smear test. I've had the diathermy procedure and a biopsy which they said results will be back in approx 2 weeks. I'm so scared that this is cancer and haven't really been able to find much info on the glandular cell side of things. What are the chaunches this has been picked up early? My pdevious smears have always been clear


would really appreciate feedback as can't concentrate on anything else at the moment