CGIN high grade- Where do I go from here?!

Hello lovely ladies,

I recently had to have loop treatment for high grade dyskaryosis, CIN3 blah de blah. I’m so fed up of the whole shebang.

While I was there they discovered that I also had high grade CGIN and that they would have to discuss the next step for me in a special meeting. (I love to imagine a group of white-coated, head lamp wearing professionals sat around a table discussing the condition of my vagina and showing slides… Ha, sorry!) This was over 4 weeks ago and all I’ve had is a letter telling me the above.
I just wondered if anyone else had experience of this and what the treatment was? I’m worried. The LOOP was a pretty horrific experience as it didn’t all go straight forward so I’m kind of dreading having to go through anything like that again. My neighbour told me they’ll probably offer me a hysterectomy… is this true?!


Hi, my experience is also pretty similar, I had the LLETZ for cin 2&3 plus high grade CGI, my results were also discussed at the MDT meeting. 

I spoke to a nurse who confirmed that I will have to have further treatment but I don't know what as she could not see my notes and I have to have an appointment with the consultant to discuss treatment options

so I'm no waiting for the letter to arrive to confirm date for appointment, I'm feeling suite anxious and worried as the waiter big is the most difficult. 

Big hug as I know that it is the cgin that I was not aware of and had to use this fantastic site to follow nd out more info

  you are well xx

Hi sweets box,

I had cin3 and cgin like you discovered after my lettz treatment, this was successful with clear margins. It was a very scary time and I phoned my colposcopy nurse few times with questions and they helped me a lot. I had my 6 month check in march which was smear, another colposcopy and biopsy as I had another white patch show. This was scar tissue from the lettz and all results were clear, including my HPV test. I have yearly check up in September which I'm dreading. But you will like me will be very well monitored now. Have a read through my post's. X