CGIN following biopsies advise re abnormal bleeding

Hi ladies,

i was hoping for some advise. I had biopsies taken 3 weeks ago today. I had the normal slight bleeding/black discharge after it which then stopped. Then had a period and then it all settled down. So for the last week I've had two days of abnormal bleeding and bleeding twice after intercourse.  (I did have bleeding after intercourse back in August) but seems to have flared up again. 

Ive now been referred for a lletz for the CGIN but I've just got the app though and it's early Jan 18 - has anyone had a simile experience re the abnormal bleeding? I've tried calling the nurse from the colp clinic but no answer all day! 

Many thanks in advance,


emma x

Hi emma. 

Sorry I can't offer advice on the abnormal bleeding. But just wanted to say I'm a CGIN girl! Diagnosed nearly 5 years ago. Low grade cgin. Touchwood all smears and colposcopy since have been clear.  

Where are abouts are you based? 

Natalie xx

Hi Natalie,

thank you for your response. I'm pleased your smears have been clear :)

I live in the middle of Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire so decided to go to bedford hospital, which have been really good so far. 

Where about are you?



I'm Newcastle way. 

I've just found out I'm expecting another baby so but worried my cells will come back.  Consultant has said I should be OK.  Think I'll ask for hysterectomy once I'm done. I hate the anxiety and what ifs that go round my head.  

Did they say if you was high or low grade and your treatment . plan x

Also January seems a long time to wait. Expecially for cgin changes x 

Aw congratulations on your news :) I'm sure you will be absolutely fine and they should just keep an extra eye on you. 

Yes I've asked to have mine out too as have been having problems on and off for 12 years. I dont know much about CGIN they haven't told me anything else - do you get different levels with it? The leaflet didn't come with my letter. I'm happy to wait until january if they feel it can wait, the only thing that worries me is the abnormal bleeding which really isn't right and shouldnt be happening.