cGIN Experience anyone?

Hi Everyone,

Had loop excision on Tuesday as smear showed possible endocervical glandular neoplasia.

I think this is cGIN as opposed to CIN. Is that correct? Is it likely to be cc?

Janet :slight_smile:

It's about the same risk as having cin3 it takes Nout the same amount of time for the cells to turn to cancer I was told, they are just pesty as higher and a bit deeper. Hope all

goes well x

Thank you tashalouise. I'm absolutely petrified, and can't think about anything else.

Hi Janet,

You are correct that your pap smear indicated CGIN rather than CIN. I am assuming you have had CIN treated before? Since you went in for a colposcopy when the smear was taken.

It is not likely to be cancer, but CGIN is a little trickier to treat than CIN as it is higher up (so almost impossible to even see possible lesions with a colposcopy) and the lesions can skip so they treat it more aggressively than CIN. It also can be the case that the result from the smear indicated CIN rather than CGIN. I am surprised they did the loop before they got the results from the endometrial biopsy back. I had simular results from my latest smear at colposcopy (I previously had CIN3 and CIS removed) and I am wondering if they told you why they went straight to a LOOP if the colposcopy looked fine and the endometrial biopsy results were not back.

Easier said than done but try not to stress yourself out too much just know that they have likely removed the affected cells and my fingers are crossed you get clear margins on your biopsy. When I first had an abnormal smear I was shocked at how many people have abnormal smears and go through treatment, so many of us don’t talk about it. Maybe you can try and speak with a close friend about what you are going through.

Hi bahar,

thank you you for your reassurance. I had a better day yesterday probably because I managed a good nights sleep.  

I haven't had CIN before I just had a borderline smear 2 years ago so I was sent for colposcopy where although the lady could see why the smear had come back borderline she said it wasn't even bad enough to grade, so nothing to worry about and that I would get called for another colposcopy in 12 months time.

fast forward to this November .....same lady who said everything looked fine once again whilst doing colposcopy and she also did a smear.  So letter arrives a week later to say possible endocervical glandular neoplasia and to attend for treatment in few days time.

upon my return I quiered why the letter said 'possible' and she told me that this is really difficult to pick up so the smear would definitely be right and that she would be taking quite a lot away (I believe they can't see cgin so was worried how she could tell what to take away)

so that's where I'm up to.... She said the results would be back next week and that my name was down for the mdt meeting on Friday 4th.

i just want to know, I'm thinking all sorts whilst waiting.

how long before you get your results? X

Hi Janet, ohh I get the back story now. Wow I am glad she took the Pap smear this time! I also had my gyno question the results of the Pap smear and she made the lab re-run their analysis whilst I sat around in the hospital. The lab said it was definitely atypical glandular cells. The results came back last week from the biopsies and were negative. I know it sounds ridiculous but I was almost disappointed, as that means they haven't located the source or received an explanation as to why my results were AGC.

I am in another country so going through the private system which is a little worrying at times because there are no safe guards like MDT meetings, I requested the doctor call me and she did for a total of 30seconds and even scoffed at me when I asked why my pap smear results contradicted the biopsy results, she said well it must be wrong then ended the conversation. I am going to see a gyno oncologist tomorrow to see if she agrees waiting and watching is the best course of action and hopefully transfer to her for future treatment. From the research I have seen (mostly from the states where there is also a private system) this result from a pap smear is always transferred to a gyno/onc as just straight out gynos don't see AGC often and just treat it the same as CIN. The results are estimated between 0.01-0.04% of pap smears from the papers I have read.  

Glad to hear you had a better night’s sleep, I know all too well that feeling of waiting around and the only options in your head is a cancer diagnosis. I am happy they acted quickly in response to your smear results. I really pray they have removed the nasties and you get clear margins.

Keep me updated on the MDT meeting results and I will let you know anything that may be of insight from the gyno/onc. 

Hi Bahar,

i can see what you mean about the biopsies being negative....  Can't these cells be kind of hidden in the folds? Just remembering the little drawing the colpogist did for me.

thats really not helpful when supposedly professional people are so dismissive of your questions. I hope you get on better with your gyno. Keep me posted x

Hi Janet, Thanks for your response. I saw the Gyno/Oncologist today and she was lovely with a great bed side manner. She said that pathology sometimes can read pap smears wrong and one may say it is CGIN/AGC another may say CIN or normal (she said she doesn't know or isn't saying this is what happened but it 'can' happen).

She mentioned the endometrial biopsy and ECC has a 95% confidence interval of catching anything that would be there and said in my case it may even be higher as my transformation zone would be somewhat exposed as I had such a large cone done so recently meaning my bits are more visible and accessible (Weird to type that!). With all that confidence she said she is hesitant to take the normal treatment plan she would do of a D&C or a Cone at this time as another cone could do more damage than benefit since my last one was so recent and a D&C etc would just bring me more stress for a small chance that something could have been missed.

She did inform me that the biopsy found cell growth conducive with what may lead to CIN in the future. So she has decided I am on 3monthly colposcopy and smear tests until I get at least 4 fine then 6th monthly then yearly. Interestingly she mentioned CGIN typically comes from HPV type 18 rather than the type 16 that I have.

I hope there were a few interesting facts in there that could help you out. And I totally agree with what you're saying about the cells hiding in the folds, exactly where my nasties were hiding in my mind. I am giving up stressing now and just going to rely on the system. I feel there is only so much stressing a body can take (easiest said when you are not waiting on test results).

Please keep me updated on what happens with you x

Bahar I'm in the same boat as your with smear finding cgin cells but neg on the biospies, I'm waiting on results on the mdt meeting xx