I was wondering if anyone can offer me advice. My problems started a year and a half ago.

First I had a bad smear.

Then a biopsy which showed high grade CGIN.

 So I had my first local anthestetic Lletz, this was not clear.

 I had to have another general anthesthetic Lletz, where he went further up my birth canal.

This came back totally clear. I was happy until my 6 month later smear which showed borderline changes.

This is the part I am confused about. My consultant told me that he thinks there is a high chance these cells could turn to cancer, and if I were older, had kids then he would give me a hysterectomy. As I am 36, just about to get married and not had kids yet, he suggested doing a 3rd Lletz and a sweep of my womb with the hope that it will come back clear. He said if it comes back ok, I should try for a baby straight away (as he would still proceed to hysterectomy after birth) - but if there are more bad cells he would want to do a hysterectomy straight away.

I dont understand how cells can be borderline in the smear but it could warrant a hysterectomy? It seems far too severe to me. He said it was because of my glandular history???

If it was to prevent cancer, of course I would do what he says, but from borderline to cancer??? and I know my chances of carrying a baby are compromised by having a 3 Lletz.

If anyone has a similar story or can offer any clarity at all, I would be very grateful.

Thank you,


* I have a week before I go back. My Wedding is in 4 months.
The consultant said I should choose
1. Do nothing - not recommended by him.
2. 3rd Lletz and womb sweep.
3. Hysterectomy.
Any advice thoughts would be welcome as apart from my Fiance I have noone else to ask.
Thank you,

Hi Amanda,

I just wanted to say that I feel for you. I really do. It is a difficult decision and all I could suggest would be asking for a second opinion… It does seem fairly radical to be advising hysterectomy after borderline changes shown up on the smear.

Has he taken some punch biopsies? Were you able to follow the colposcopy procedure on the screen?

I wish I could help, but as I said the only advice I have would be asking for a second opinion from another consultant.

Take care,

Tina xx